Getting Married Before the Wedding? Here’s Why it Can Make Sense

From insurance reasons to wanting a more intimate ceremony, getting married before the wedding can sometimes make a lot of sense.

It’s the day some of us have been planning since we were little. But then life happens, and even as we start to plan our big day, we realize that it may make more sense to get married before the wedding. And that’s OK! In fact, getting legally married prior to the big day can make sense for many reasons.

Whether you choose an intimate city hall ceremony or something small with your close friends and family, here’s why getting married before the wedding can make sense.

Insurance Reasons

Let’s face it – the price of everything is going up, and health insurance is no exception. A big reason that many couples get married before the wedding is for insurance purposes. It just makes sense to be on one insurance, and most of the time, it’s easier if you’re married.

Many couples will also choose to tie the knot when one partner loses insurance coverage, through lay-offs or other situations.

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Immigration Reasons

If you or your future spouse are not American citizens, and your visa is set to expire before the big day, it makes sense to get legally married so that you’ll both actually be in the U.S. for your wedding day.

An Ill Family Member

As we mentioned, life happens and sometimes a family member or close friend can fall ill. If their prognosis is not good, they might not be able to make it to the wedding. It makes sense to have a small ceremony so he or she can witness you getting married.

More Intimate

Does the thought of saying your vows in front of a crowd make you anxious? Getting married before the wedding day in a small, intimate ceremony with your future spouse could be the perfect way to celebrate your wedding day without the anxiety of getting up in front of a crowd.

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Destination Wedding

If you’re having a destination wedding, it makes sense to get married before the trip. It can ease your mind, and you won’t have to travel with your marriage license and any other paperwork you may need.

Furthermore, some destinations will require engaged couples to reside in the country for a certain number of days (or even weeks) before they’re allowed to legally wed there. So if you don’t want an extended vacation, you’ll want to say “I do” before you board the plane.

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You’re Pregnant

Sure, people have children before they get married. But it may make sense to marry if you get pregnant before the wedding day – It could help with legal and insurance issues for your future child.

Whatever reason you have for getting married before the wedding, know that each day – the legal ceremony and your wedding day – are going to be beautiful and everything you dreamed them to be. And certainly don’t worry about what other people have to say. The only opinions that matter are your and your future spouse’s. In fact, if you get married before the wedding in an intimate ceremony, no one has to know!

Lastly, if you do get married before your big day, don’t worry about which day is your anniversary. You can literally celebrate whatever day (or days) you want!