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“It makes your wedding more unique & entertaining.” Find Out What the Latest Trend Is With The Roving Bar Long Island

If you want to impress your friends with some vintage class, then The Roving Bar Long Island is just what you need.

Picture this. You’re at your wedding and outside your venue or in your backyard, a three-wheel vintage Piaggio Ape or bar cart rolls up to serve you and your guests cocktails. That is definitely something to impress your friends and family. And this is why owner Eric Tomeo recently launched The Roving Bar Long Island, and he’s ready to bring it to your wedding!

Tomeo says during a pre-pandemic trip to Italy, he would see the vintage Piaggio Apes around. He thought they were really cool, so he spoke with some family members back home to turn his dream into a reality. After researching the idea, he found The Roving Bar in New Jersey. The owners told him that they get inquiries for Long Island weddings all the time, so this was a perfect opportunity for Tomeo. After some pandemic-related delays, Tomeo was able to finally get the refurbished Piaggio Ape straight from Barcelona and Italy.

In addition to the really cool idea of a Piaggio Ape, Tomeo says he started The Roving Bar Long Island to have fun and meet new people, something he loves to do. “I have an outgoing personality,” says Tomeo. “I’m fun. [And] the cart makes the event a little bit more unique and entertaining.”

Since launching The Roving Bar Long Island, Tomeo has had nothing but positive feedback. When he’s not bartending at a wedding or event, he usually parks behind Back in Time in Farmingdale, where people can’t wait to find out more about the Piaggio Ape and how to rent it for their own events.

So, what is The Roving Bar Long Island? The Piaggio Ape is a bar cart that offers four different taps – which you get to customize! It also features a cigar humidor, which is great for an after party or just an added addition to your reception. And what makes it so unique? It’s drivable! “It’s a fully functioning, driving vehicle,” says Tomeo. “So it can pull up into any backyard, space or venue.” And it’s from Europe! And you can decorate it to match whatever the theme of your wedding is. Plus, you get Tomeo when you book. “I will be personally bartending and serving at your event,” says Tomeo.

You get to choose what type of beverages you want – which can include beer, wine, prosecco, cocktails or non-alcoholic beverages. “Everything is served ice cold, as we have a kegerator inside,” says Tomeo. The cost to you is the flat hourly rate fee, which includes the bartending service and the bar. But you do need to purchase the alcohol separately. But, Tomeo says he works with a beer distributor and a wine distributor so you can choose from his menu list, and he does the rest, including picking it up for you.

What is Tomeo’s most popular service? “It’s split between a craft IPA beer or rose wine,” says Tomeo. “Next to a keg cocktail, like a mojito or margarita.” He adds that the cigar humidor is also a big hit.

A lot of his clients have told him that The Roving Bar Long Island is ‘the next best thing,’ and they are happy that they hired him because it is something that someone else didn’t have yet. Which is why he loves working with the Brides of Long Island! He knows how much we want to make our weddings unique and fun and the best day ever!

I’m really happy to be a part of that family,” says Tomeo.

The Roving Bar Long Island is one of BOLI’s preferred vendors, and Tomeo says he is honored to be among the group of amazing and successful vendors. And Tomeo has some advice for all of you lovely Brides of Long Island. “Don’t get caught up on the little things and be excited for the wedding,” says Tomeo. “Just keep loving each other, and when the special day comes, just cherish every moment of it. And smile!”

And if you’re still not convinced The Roving Bar Long Island is the next best thing to add to your wedding. This is what Anna Yang has to say, “The Roving Bar was definitely the highlight of my party and my guests couldn’t stop taking pictures of this cute vintage car. Eric and his colleague went above and beyond from the start to provide the best service possible. I can’t wait to host another party just to bring The Roving Bar Long Island back!” 

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