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“Everything here is top-notch.” Pine Hollow Club Serves Delectable Fare on Your Wedding Day

Pine Hollow Club Executive Chef Rezart Gorencavic crafts flavorful, seasonal menus with a farm-to-table flare.

Image courtesy of Pine Hollow Club

If there’s one thing that Long Islanders have come to expect from their weddings, it’s a delicious menu. Abundant cocktail hours, decadent main course dishes, and attention to detail have become the culinary standard of our big days.

These high expectations are often difficult to surpass, but BOLI Preferred Vendor Pine Hollow Club has absolutely no trouble rising to the occasion. Their seasonal and locally-inspired cuisine is one of the many aspects that brings brides of Long Island to this beautiful venue. 

Image courtesy of Pine Hollow Club

A reputation for excellence

Executive Chef Rezart Gorencavic draws his culinary inspiration from his upbringing. “I come from a small country in the Mediterranean (Albania), and grew up using all seasonal fruits and vegetables,” he said. “In the US, I’ve worked at the legendary 21 Club, The National at Benjamin Hotel, The Intercontinental Hotel, and others. I joined Pine Hollow in 2021, and after the first month, I learned about the club and have added my twist. It has been an amazing experience.” 

Pine Hollow Club’s Director of Operations Joe Scalice was quick to praise the talented chef. “Everything he does is at a very, very high level,” he described. “I’ve owned restaurants, I’ve worked with some of the best chefs, and I didn’t want to put myself in a position where I couldn’t be extremely proud of the food. So, everything here is top-notch.” 

Image courtesy of Pine Hollow Club

Menus that match the season

Whether you choose a bright and sunny spring affair, or a cozy and romantic winter vibe, Pine Hollow Club will treat you to a flavorful (and locally-sourced) menu. “I love working with farmers, and before I decide on a dish, I always talk to the farmers about what is going to be available during each season,” Rezart explained. “Then I will write a menu. I work with Rottkamp Brothers Farm, they are fantastic farmers.”

“On the summer menu, his caprese is absolutely delicious,” Joe effused. “There’s heirloom tomato from the farm, mozzarella, arugula and aged vinaigrette.”

Image courtesy of Pine Hollow Club

Joe further described the spring and summer offerings. “We have a striped bass with artichoke and fennel” he listed. “Everyone wants Filet Mignon on the menu, and ours is very, very good with au gratin potatoes, spinach, and au poivre sauce.”

“But I always recommend the short rib,” Joe continued. “It’s killer. It melts in your mouth.”

As for winter menu standouts, Joe highlighted a popular dish. “One of the big things we see for fall and winter is the herb-crusted rack of lamb, served with sunchoke, onion cherry mostarda, and lamb jus.”

Image courtesy of Pine Hollow Club

The surprises and the standouts

Among the mouthwatering choices on Pine Hollow Club’s vast menu, there are a few specific dishes that see a heavy rotation. “The most popular cocktail hour dishes are the Peking Duck Station and the Pine Hollow Taqueria,” Rezart said. “What makes these stations unique is that they are authentic, and the ingredients are locally sourced. The Tuna Tartare in a cucumber cup with wasabi and our Grilled Peach Crostini with honey and whipped ricotta are also popular hors d’oeuvres.”

Heidi Stanya, Pine Hollow Club’s Director of Member Experience, elaborated on their unique Taqueria. “We do a taco station with liquid nitrogen, and in a sense it’s a frozen margarita but with a smoke effect. Everyone always loves to choose that for their menu.”

Of course, the favorites aren’t limited to just cocktail hour options. “One of our most popular dishes would be the Long Island butternut squash soup, served with lavender honey crema and chestnuts,” Joe detailed. “And the spring green market salad with shaved carrot, radish, sorrel, citrus, and a champagne vinaigrette. People taste this and get blown away.”   

Image courtesy of Pine Hollow Club

The time-tested favorites

Both Rezart and Joe have their personal favorites when it comes to Pine Hollow Club’s delectable cuisine. “My favorite dish is the Long Island Striped Bass,” Rezart said. “The fish is line-caught and sustainable here on Long Island.”

Joe’s pick was more land-based. “The duck is outstanding,” he described. “The skin is crisp, all the fat is rendered, the meat is done rare to medium rare. It’s one of my favorites.”

Image courtesy of Pine Hollow Club

Brides that become family

It should come as no surprise that Rezart and Pine Hollow Club’s staff are dedicated to making each wedding special. “We treat every wedding like it’s our own wedding, which makes it fun,” Rezart explained. “From the moment you book until the end of the wedding day, you are our family.”

That means he often goes out of his way to ensure that every couple gets the day of their dreams. “I created a couples-only tasting menu, they wanted to have duck – they both loved duck,” he remembered. “I added a fourth course to their tasting menu, and we started with the first course before the ceremony, the second course after they were married, and we finished with their last two courses being served during the reception dinner service.”

Image courtesy of Pine Hollow Club