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Six years ago, or so

Six years ago, or so, I met my now fiancé (Pedro) through my best friend and her fiancé; both of whom I was in nursing school with at the time.

The summer after we graduated from nursing school, the four of us plus six more of our closest friends embarked on a trip to Lake George, NY. Little did my fiancé and I know, that trip would change everything for the rest of our lives. We started that trip as friends and left as girlfriend and boyfriend. Three and a half years later, Pedro took me back upstate to Lake George for what I believed was a nice relaxing weekend. A nice relaxing weekend turned into the start of the rest of our lives together when he got down on one knee at The Sagamore Resort and asked me to be his wife! There is no one else in this world that I’d wish to be able to spend forever with.

BOLI Member Melissa