Alexis O.

MC Anthony & DJ Billy really knew how to keep the party going and made it such a great time! The dance floor was filled the entire night and really made sure the music was on point!

We didn’t give that many recommendations (as my husband and myself are not super picky and like all of the classics and what’s popular right now). We gave them free rein to just keep the party going and to use the songs/genres we recommended and they ran with it and it worked out really well!

I think one of the best parts of Capture the Moment (our photographer) and High Voltage is that they work together so often that they work great together! Near the end of the night, Anthony brought my husband and I outside to the photographers, and they all worked together to get some really cool night shots. The way both teams are so relaxed together really makes for a fun time, and eased my nerves right off the bat! I can’t rave about them enough!