Christina G.

I am blown away! Dan and his dad Jim are just good people with good intentions to keep everyone happy and on the dance floor! They traveled far for us and NAILED it with the energy and song requests we gave them! We were both so in the moment but the moments hit differently when the songs we wanted were playing (for entrance, post ceremony, our song and cake cutting) Our MC, Jim, was good about making announcements and keeping people entertained. They added things in there we didn’t see at other weddings (my husband and I crowd surfed! And they did an anniversary slow dance game with all the couples that was just beautiful and got even the older couples up and dancing). We got to see our reception with out anyone in it (which I recommend every couple do…) and they had our song playing as we looked around the room and I nearly started balling haha. Very nice move 😉 Dan and Jim also made sure we stayed on schedule (when our maitre D would go missing, they were there to make sure a drink was in our hands or keep us up to date on timing) I can’t tell you how well they read the room and how packed our dance floor was. They MADE this wedding! Everyone knows food and music are the top two things at a wedding and we would hire them over and over again. They even went a little longer for us, as our reception time started late. They are a class act all the way and you should hire them immediately! Thanks for everything guys!