Deena D.

Stonebridge Country Club: 100/10 There are no words to describe this place! The room is absolutely beautiful, we had so many people come up to us to tell us how insane the venue was. The grounds are just breathtaking. Everything went exactly as planned. We dealt with Gregg, he is the best! The staff was also outstanding. I didn’t even have to ask for anything, they would pop up out of nowhere as if they were reading my mind! My bridal attendant Allison was fantastic. She held my dress and veil from being dragged on the floor. She carried my bouquet for me as well. Anything I needed, she was always there. Another gem of the night was Terrance! This wonderful man had my husband and my back the entire night. Every time he saw us at cocktail hour he would give us a signal to move on because people would not stop talking to us. Towards the last half hour of cocktail hour he pulled us away (literally!) to bring us to our bridal suite to taste food from EVERY cocktail station we had. The staff brought up FULL plates of food from every station. We were so so so happy! During the reception, every time I turned around Terrance was standing there with a drink for me and my husband. Even guests were amazed how he was always there for us! Throughout the night he would always ask “what can I get you?” “is everything okay?” “stop talking to people and eat!” I have always heard from brides that they did not get to eat their wedding food, Terrance made sure we did! I could not be more appreciative of everything he did.