Erin S.

You would have thought that I spent my wedding day rolling around in the mud when you saw how gross the bottom of my wedding dress was by the end of the night. So disgusting. Naturally, I did nothing about it for a couple of months. After visiting two different wedding dress cleaners in Long Island who refunded my deposits and failed to clean the dress, I took my dress to Cameo by Copeland Cleaners in New York City. For brides who live in NYC, I cannot recommend them enough. They cleaned a small section of the bottom of the dress before cleaning the whole dress to ensure they got it clean. They sent me photos of the difference so I could approve of a full cleaning. I also got to see the entire dress in person before they preserved the dress. They will be delivering the dress (for free) to me at my apartment. Their assistant manager was so responsive, and they have been great to work with. Looking forward to have that gem back in my closet!