Julie V.

I really wanted a venue that was different from your typical catering hall, well the Bourne was different in the most spectacular way. My guests were BLOWN away by the beauty and charm of the Bourne and also by the way the Bourne ran things. When we booked our venue, the sales director Miriam told us this was the Rolls Royce of Lessings venues and she wasn’t kidding!! Miriam was amazing to work with, so honest and helpful. The communication was UNBELIEVABLE. Numerous guests came up to me and complimented how Steve ran the show and he truly knows what he is doing. He was such a great time, the bride and groom were his #1 priority. He was on top of everything in the best way possible. My bridal attendant Kira was an angel sent straight from heaven. They made sure we always had food and drinks in our hands, everything was running smoothly and on time. The venue is so jaw dropping and even more beautiful when it is set for a wedding. The food was unbelievable, we added the oysters and sushi stations which guests raved about. So many guests said our wedding was the best they have ever been to and there are a handful of tough critics in the crowd (including myself).