Lauren G.

I found out about live wedding painting probably about a month before my wedding. I did some research and when I saw Amanda’s website I was in love. I reached out to Amanda and she had an opening because a bride had moved her wedding to the following year. I was ecstatic! When I first spoke to Amanda I felt like we had an instant connection. We talked about different things related to the piece she would create for us but I also felt like I was talking to a friend I had known forever. I knew I wanted to have her paint our first dance but other than that I just trusted her process. On the day of the wedding I would watch my guests go up to her throughout the night and the looks on their faces were amazing. You could tell how much they loved to watch her paint and were excited to see the final product. That made me even more excited to see. Once Amanda finished she got my husband and I and let me tell you, this was the absolute best part of my night. I was blown away. I could not stop looking at it! Amanda got so many little details from the sweetheart table, centerpieces, cake and the stunning sunset outside. It was also incredible how she was able to make it look just like us! This is a once in a lifetime, unique piece that you will have the rest of your life and I am so lucky Amanda was able to do this for us. You can tell Amanda loves what she does and she is excellent at it! I would recommend Amanda a thousand times over!!!