Marianne M.

Stephanie made every part of the engagement and wedding journey truly spectacular. She really gets to know her clientele so she can tell their love story behind the lens. Stephanie makes everything so seamless. She has such attention to detail and is such an investigator for good light, great shots, and the joy in between. She has a calm demeanor that relaxes you in high stressful moments ( like heat LOL). She is so incredibly thoughtful, loving, and warm all around. She really is the couple’s cheerleader on their wedding day. She jumps, hides, crawls, and gets in the dirt to get the best shots. Her photography says it all. It’s artful and romantic. You are transported back to your special day and can vividly remember the moments in between because of all the incredible candids she takes. She never misses a beat or a moment. You are in the best hands with Stephanie and will find a friend to boot.