Patricia T.

When you first walk in you’re greeted by your new best friends (trust me they will be). Sam goes over everything you brought with you. One of my favorite parts was The Therapy Session aka hair & make up from the insanely talented Jeanine LeClair. After Therapy we move into the fun zone. Sam, Amber, and Jeanine work with you to not only have an absolute blast, but create the most amazingly stunning photos ever taken of yourself. This last time I went (my 4th session with these amazingly talented women) was my favorite, I did these 100% for myself and stepped way out of my comfort zone, let me tell you these ladies were all about it! Amber was a life saver with wardrobe (yes they help you get dressed)  Seaweed and Diamonds allows you to be yourself, these women have created a safe and comfortable space to express yourself. I suggest every woman do boudoir at least once.  I’ve come along way since my first session in 2019 and a huge part of my growth and recognizing my own self worth has been because of these photos. I’m not sure Samantha Bishop-Schultz will ever understand how much she truly helped change my life, for which I am forever grateful.