Paula V.

From the moment we met Red Letter Day Invitations & Designs at a wedding expo we loved them. We had originally decided we were getting our invitations made in Colombia to save some money since we know someone out there. BUT… CORONA happened. So very last minute my fiancé and I started worrying wondering where we were going to get our invitations made. Right away we said lets reach out to RED LETTER DAY! When we had our call scheduled with Elliott, from the moment we hung up we decided we were going with them. We did have other inquires the day after with other places, but we knew we wanted Elliott to complete our invitations. The fact everything had to be done via phone call/email was already a struggle. It wasn’t easy trying to envision what we wanted without being able to physically see samples. He made the process so easy and we are so happy we hired them. Since both of our families speak Spanish we had asked him if it were possible to write up all the invites in Spanish and he did! We did have to send him everything written in Spanish for him to print on the invitation, but was able to work with the idea we wanted and the Spanish wording. Elliott understood what we wanted and made it so easy to see the mockups as he worked on our invites. When they were ready we got them super fast in the mail and opening that box was the most exciting thing ever. For those who have already seen out invites are loving them so much and I know once everyone starts receiving them we will be getting a lot of compliments! If you are thinking about hiring Elliott, DO IT! It was such a stress free experience and they are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Thanks again Elliott & Red Letter Day Invitations and Design!