Samantha H.

This past weekend on January 15, 2022 We had the pleasure of having Inna and Dave from Capture The Moment be our photographers for our wedding. We have family and friends who have used them before that have all raved about them, but obviously as a bride you always hope you make the right decision when choosing a vendor as important as photos! From the start of the day, they arrived a few minutes early to each of our houses which was perfect and jumped right in. They did not rush either of us once, they asked for all of the items they needed and what we wanted them to include and not once did they bother us when we were getting ready or in the middle of something.

Inna and Dave were so professional and got things done so fast. They let me rest when I needed it and asked a my opinion and questions if I wanted to do certain shoots before doing it. Our family loved them and said they didn’t get in the way of anything at all, the whole day. They exceeded our expectations in every way. They also showed us some photos of things as they took them since they knew we were excited about certain shots. You will not be disappointed with capture the moment! Also, leading up to the wedding, the communication with the company was unbelievable and they even checked in the day before asking if I needed help with anything.