Stephanie T.

It takes me a long time to make big decisions like booking vendors for my wedding and I did a lot of research beforehand. The reviews for High Voltage are great so I went for it and I can honestly say that booking them (and Capture the Moment for photography) were two of the best decisions I made. These two vendors work so seamlessly together and it made the planning process so, so, so much more simple. High Voltage uses an electronic planning form which we loved. While some vendors are difficult to get in touch with, High Voltage actually called me through the wedding planning just to check in. It was really easy to trust them during the planning and on the day of. They read the crowd throughout the wedding, played all of the songs we wanted, avoided the ones we didn’t want, and were just a blast to be around. We had them for welcome service, ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. They moved through the venue with ease to be where they needed to be and just really knew what they were doing, which made everything so comfortable for us. I would recommend using both High Voltage and Capture the Moment to everyone.