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What To Do The Last Few Weeks Before Your Wedding Day

With time coming to an end many brides start to get nervous about their wedding day. It is as simple as the pre wedding jitters fogging your brain. This is normal for any bride to become nervous a few weeks before. All the planning that has gone into the wedding is about to be put into action and you just want it to be perfect.

Every bride dreams of the picturesque wedding day. That is why we have come up with a few tips on how you can clear the foggy brain and feel confident in the weeks leading up to your wedding day.

Vendor Coordination.

It can not be stressed enough that it is okay to call your vendors more than once. This is your big day and you want to make sure that the day of there is nothing to worry about. Calling your vendors one or two times within the last few weeks leading up to the wedding will give you a peace of mind. By calling them you can go over final details of arrival times and the action plan. This will confirm that you are both on the same page in case any details change last minute.

Take Care of Yourself.

If there is anything one should be doing leading up to their wedding day, taking care of yourself is at the top of the list. Weddings can be very stressful but it is important that you remember to take a breather, relax, and allow your body to rest. Allowing stress and thoughts to take over can lead to sickness due to no sleep, worrying, and sometimes not enough nutrition. Take care of your body and it is promised that your body will take care of you. No one wants to be sick on their wedding day.


Many brides are aware of the rehearsal dinner. Besides the eating and celebration that goes along with it, it is important to remember it is very vital. Going through the rehearsal allows you to ensure that the day of the wedding ceremony goes smoothly. This rehearsal can help determine whether or not you may need to move the bridal party around in their lineup and simply to remove some of the nerves that may come with walking down the aisle.

Last Minute Touches.

Some things that are very simple can be forgotten during the beautiful chaos leading up to a wedding day. One thing that may slip ones mind is getting jewelry and rings cleaned. So simple, yet many forget to get it done. You’ll want that sparkle since pictures will be taken all night long. Also, breaking in shoes may seem minor but it can easily be forgotten. No one wants to worry about be uncomfortable during one of their best days ever.

Get Help.

This may seem to be the hardest for some brides to do but it is vital. It is understandable that you may feel like a bother or that it won’t be done to your standards. The best advice would be to ask someone who you trust and know would be willing to help. Doing it all on your own can cause a lot of stress that is not needed. It may even help to hire an event planner. They are in the business for exactly that, to help you so that there is no worrying on your end. A planner would deal with all the major details so that you can focus on being the bride.