What to Expect When Moving in With Your Fiancé

Living with anyone can be a change, but moving in with your fiancé is a forever change.

In the famous words of Monica Geller on Friends, “Now I have to live with a boy!” Male or female, moving in with your fiancé is a huge step. You are one step closer to tying the knot, and moving in together ahead of the big day is solidifying your relationship. For some, moving in with their fiancé is no big deal. For others, it’s a huge change.

So, what can you expect when moving in with your fiancé?

Learning to Share (Again)

If you’ve lived alone ahead of the move, now you’ll have to share. You’ll need to make room in your closet and your drawers – something you may have done already before the official move. But now, it’s permanent. Make room on that DVR for your fiancé’s favorite shows, and you’ll need to learn to share that remote! It will certainly be an adjustment – sharing a home with someone after being on your own. But, this is your forever person – and we know you’ll adjust quickly.

Perhaps you’re moving in with your fiancé straight from your parents’ house. There will still be that adjustment period where you’re learning to share your space with someone who is not your family. Obviously, your fiancé is your family, but it’s definitely different.

More Communication

You’ll have to get used to letting your fiancé know what you’re up to. You may have done this when you lived with your parents, but if you’ve been on your own for a while, you might not be used to sharing your whereabouts. While you obviously don’t have to ask permission, giving them a heads up of where you’re going and with who is common courtesy. And the same goes for your fiancé. Sharing details of what you’re up to allows you both to adjust your schedules and make time for each other while also having your own lives.


When you move in with your fiancé, you should always talk about your finances. Eventually, you’re probably going to get joint bank accounts. Before you do that though, you’ll definitely want to discuss who will pay for what when it comes to bills, groceries, rent/mortgage, etc. Is everything 50/50? Or will it be based on your salaries?

Always Something To Do

Living with your forever person means you always have something to do. Even if that something is just Netflix and chilling. There’s something to be said about hanging out with the person you love, in just your sweats and eating a bowl of ice cream for dinner, that just feels right. As an added bonus, you get to blame each other when you want to opt out of something, “Oh, Dave is home tonight and I never see him! Sorry, I can’t hang out.”

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Getting to (Really) Know Each Other

Sure, you know your fiancé. But now you will really get the chance to know them. All of them. All of the good things and bad. All of the smells and bodily functions. It’s no holds barred when you live with your fiancé. You can probably stop running the water when you use the bathroom once you move in together. Everyone passes gas and uses the bathroom. You’re going to be asking ‘how it went in there’ before you know it.

New Routines

Everyone gets set in their ways. You may go to bed and get up at certain times. This may change when you move in with your fiancé. Perhaps you like to work out in your living room in the morning, while your fiancé loves to watch the news with their coffee in the morning. Finding a happy medium is the way to go as you create new routines. And this certainly applies if one of you is a night owl and the other is a morning person. Creating new routines is part of the fun though!

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Ultimately, what you should expect when moving in with your fiancé is a preview to your marriage. You’re starting the next chapter in your lives together. You get to navigate the world together and make plans for the future. You’ll learn to adjust to each other’s quirks. You’ll see each other at your best and at your worst. You may dislike each other some days, but as long as you still love each other at the end of the day, that’s all that matters. Plus, always getting a good night kiss really is the best!

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