When Your Bridal Party Lets You Down

Sure, it’s a bummer. But you don’t have to let it ruin your plans.

Wedding planning is stressful –  finding vendors, managing payments, picking flowers and everything else that comes along with it (pssst – the Ring Leader app can help with ALL of this). But when it comes to your bachelorette party or shower, you’ll probably lean on your bridal party for lots of planning help. 

So what happens when, for whatever reason, your bridal party lets you down? It can be disappointing for sure, but it doesn’t have to ruin the high of your upcoming wedding. When your bridal party lets you down, here are a few things to remember so it doesn’t spoil your mood.

You Can Plan It Yourself

There’s no written rule that your bridal party needs to plan your bachelorette party or shower. In fact, if you have something very specific that you’re looking to do, it’s perfectly okay to plan things yourself!

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Manage Expectations

Look, we get it. It’s your day, and everything on the agenda should be things that you want to do. A bachelorette party in Vegas? Sure! A shower with a Taylor Swift theme? Let’s go! But your expectations and reality can be two different things. Sometimes our bridal party can’t swing certain plans, and that’s okay. It’s worth it to pitch your ideas, but you can also help them brainstorm other ways to bring your wedding festivities to life.

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Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Yes, we know it’s your day! As you’re quickly realizing though, wedding costs add up. And being part of a bridal party can be expensive sometimes. So if someone in your bridal party is letting you down, take a step back and try to understand their situation. Showing empathy for your bride tribe can go a long way in ensuring your wedding festivities go just the way you envisioned.

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Seek Help in Other Ways

If your bridal party is letting you down, enlist the help of some family members or other friends (or coworkers). Hop on the BOLI Facebook page. Scroll the Bride Feed on Ring Leader. Seek advice from loved ones on how to proceed. You’re not the only one going through the stress of wedding planning and navigating bridal party personalities. There’s always someone out there willing to listen and offer a helping hand.

The truth is your wedding is always going to be more important to you than anyone else. It’s something you’ve probably been dreaming about for a long time, so of course you want everything to go as planned. It’s okay to be disappointed about certain things, specifically when your bridal party lets you down. Remember, you have a group that’s dedicated to lifting your spirits up and offering words of encouragement, suggesting alternatives to your dream bachelorette party, and letting you vent without judgment (yes, we’re talking about BOLI!).