5 Reasons to Have a Long Engagement

Waiting a while for that walk down the aisle?  Great idea! Here are 5 reasons to have a long engagement.

As soon as you saw that diamond on your finger, you wanted to fast forward to the good part: the walk down the aisle, the first kiss as Mr. and Mrs., and the epic party! But while we totally understand the urge to rush towards your “happily ever after,” there are plenty of reasons to have a long engagement. Here are just a few:

1. Time to plan

Can you plan a wedding in a matter of months (or even weeks)? Of course you can! That being said, you may find yourself having to sacrifice a lot: your dream venue may be booked, your favorite photographer might be unavailable, your go-to hair and makeup team might not have openings, and you may not have time to tackle those DIY ideas from your Pinterest board (unless you quit your job, which is temping).  A long engagement gives you plenty of time to plan and prepare for your ideal wedding day – from researching the best vendors, to securing trials for your wedding look, to finally learning how to use that Cricut you bought on Black Friday.

2. Time to save

Weddings in Long Island are expensive (thanks, Captain Obvious). A long engagement allows both you and your fiancé a chance to pad your bank account for all those deposits and payments – whether that’s with a side gig or weekend job, accrued credit card points, or just setting aside some of your paycheck each week.  

3. Time to breathe

There are A LOT of “moving parts” to a wedding, and after a while it can all get pretty overwhelming. A long engagement means having some time to breathe – you can focus on a single “moving part” one week, and then take the next week off for some rest and relaxation with your fiancé. The less stressed you are, the more you will enjoy wedding planning – we promise!

4. Time to enjoy

Yes, the wedding is the main event. But being a fiancée is a lot of fun too! Engagement parties, bachelorettes, bridal showers, wedding dress shopping trips – there are plenty of milestone moments on your journey to “Mrs.” A long engagement allows you enjoy and appreciate each of these events, instead of trying to cram everything in quickly (or skipping them altogether).

You’ll also get to enjoy some quality time with your fiancé, talking about your future beyond the wedding day! 

5. Time to gather inspiration

Chances are, you’ll be invited to some weddings in the time between getting engaged and getting married. A long engagement gives you plenty of opportunities to gather inspiration from your friends’ and families’ events – love your cousin’s centerpieces? Ask for her florist! Obsessed with your besties creative place cards? Have them help you brainstorm for your own!