9 Ways to Include Pets in Your Wedding

We love our fur babies! Here are 9 adorable ways to include pets in your wedding.

Image courtesy of Heartfelt Studio

The four-legged members of our family hold a super special place in our hearts, so why shouldn’t they be front and center on one of the most important days of our lives? Many popular venues have no problem allowing your fur babies to be present for the festivities. But even if they can’t be there in person (or in pet-son?) there are still plenty of ways to include pets in your wedding day. Here are a few:

1. Suit them up as a member of the bridal party

Yes, it was hard enough getting your fiancé in the door for their tux fitting. But we promise finding a nice suit for Fido won’t be half as difficult. 

2. Let them inspire your signature cocktails

Will anyone be able to resist a drink that features your pup’s punim? We don’t think so (better stock up on more vodka).

Image courtesy of Duet Photography

3. Pay homage to them with your clothing 

Get some custom-made socks or even a handkerchief featuring your sweet kitty’s face. Bonus? You can use them long after your wedding day is over! 

4. Pop their pictures into your centerpieces (or other decor)

You can also hire an illustrator to draw their likeness for your table numbers!

5. Have them pose for pictures with you

Be real – pictures of your pet take up half the storage space on your phone. You’ll definitely want to get some professional shots with them!

Image courtesy of Studio 27 Photography

6. Reserve a seat for them at the ceremony

Even if they can’t be there physically, set up a picture in their special spot!

7. Make them a part of your favors

A matchbook featuring your bunny? A candle with your hamster’s picture on it? Trust us – no one will leave these favors behind at the end of the night.

8. Give them an important job

Listen, there’s a 50/50 chance your 3 year old Ring Bearer will make it down the aisle. But you KNOW your dog will come running if you’re waiting for him by the altar. 

9. Mention them during your vows

Whether it’s a funny story or a sweet memory, including your pets in your vows will make your guests go “aww.”