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Create a Unique Experience for Guests with Long Island Mirror Booth

Impress your guests with this fun, interactive, high-tech mirror photo booth. 

Courtesy of Long Island Mirror Booth

Sure, you’ve seen photo booths at weddings. They’re popular and a great way for guests to take home a photo from your special day. But why not try something different, unique, and even more fun? Brides of Long Island Preferred Vendor Long Island Mirror Booth offers a whole interactive experience for you and your guests on your wedding day.

But what makes Long Island Mirror Booth stand out above the rest? Well, for one, the customer service. Owner Joe Ambrosio says he makes every experience with his brides very simple and enjoyable, as he knows how stressful wedding planning can be. “I take the bride’s happiness very seriously,” says Joe. In fact, Joe says most of the time he will be the one at your wedding with the booths, making sure everything is perfect for you.

What’s So Special About a Magic Mirror Booth?

Magic Mirror Booths are not necessarily new. In fact, Joe says they first started popping up at weddings about four years ago. Now, he says, they are getting more and more popular at weddings and events. With a mirror booth, “it’s just different in a sense that it’s very big and very high-tech,” says Joe. “It’s like a 3×5 foot touchscreen iPad. It’s not something you see every day.” He adds that the mirror booths are very interactive compared to regular photo booths. Sure, they do everything a traditional photo booth does in the sense that they take photos and print them out for guests. But they can do so many other things. “You can play games, you can write messages to the bride and groom,” says Joe. Guests can draw on the photo and even add digital props! This could be a great option for guests so they aren’t passing off different props during a post-COVID world. Just get a mirror booth and have them add whatever they want to their photos!

They create their own experience with a mirror booth.”

Courtesy of Long Island Mirror Booth

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More Than Just Mirrors

Long Island Mirror Booth doesn’t just offer mirror booths though! They have traditional booths – which can be enclosed or open air. And they have something brand new called a Pylon Ring Booth. The pylon ring can be open-air or mobile. Yes, you read that right – mobile! “We can walk around the event and take photos with the mobile mirror booth,” says Joe. “We can walk around to the tables and the dance floor.” Basically, the mobile mirror booth brings the experience to the guests, so they never have to leave the dance floor! “We hold it, and get everybody immersed while they’re dancing,” says Joe. “It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

Courtesy of Long Island Mirror Booth

And if you’re looking for those big marquee letters? Long Island Mirror Booth is your one-stop-shop. Joe says he has access to every type of marquee letter. This can include LOVE, MR. & MRS and more. Something memorable for Joe was a recent winter engagement. “It was outside in a tent, and we lit up ‘marry me’ with lights.”

Courtesy of Long Island Mirror Booth

What’s Included?

There are a variety of package options at Long Island Mirror Booth. No matter which booth or package you choose, you will always have an attendant to help guide your guests through the process and answer any questions. All packages also include LED lighting and a flash drive of all of the photos after your wedding. And, of course, every booth and package comes with premium props. Though, Joe says, if you want to bring your own, that’s okay too! Brides can choose from the basic, diamond, or dream packages for the Magic Mirror Booth; the basic, gold, or premium for the traditional photo booths; and between open-air or mobile for the Pylon Ring booths. Some of the upgrades in the packages include unlimited printing and custom layouts or graphics. In fact, Joe says he has a graphic designer who works with Long Island Mirror Booth to design custom layouts for photo strips. It will be a hard decision for any bride looking to up the fun at their wedding.

Courtesy of Long Island Mirror Booth

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What Is the Most Popular?

According to Joe, right now, the mirror booth is the most popular request he gets asked about. “I’m hoping the ring is going to be up there with the mirror [though],” says Joe. He adds that when his brides see the mirror booth, it’s something they really want. And guests will be impressed that they can see exactly what they are taking a picture of and adjust it if needed. “There’s nothing really like it.”

I’m sure you’re thinking, if it’s so popular, how can you make it unique? Long Island Mirror Booth offers a bunch of different backdrops for one. But you can certainly bring your own props. Joe says over his eight years of working with photo booths, he’s seen a bunch of different themed props. People have brought large cutouts of themselves and even their pets for people to take photos with. “We encourage people to bring different things, it makes it more fun,” says Joe.

Courtesy of Long Island Mirror Booth

Ask the Right Questions

Joe says when searching for the right photo booth for your wedding, you need to ask the right questions. “Make sure you’re getting everything you want.” He suggests asking to see the actual booth you will have at your wedding. Ask what’s included, and make sure it’s exactly perfect. And he adds to always check the layout of your print if it’s customized.

And at Long Island Mirror Booth, “we solve everything [you need] in a few emails. And they get everything they want.”

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Courtesy of Long Island Mirror Booth

If you’re still unsure if Long Island Mirror Booth is right for you, BOLI Mallory had a mirror booth at her November 2021 wedding. “Joe and his team were great and were such a pleasure to work with. We booked a mirror photo booth and our guests had the best time. It was different from any other photo booth that we had seen.” She loved that her guests could write on the interactive mirror and email the photos to themselves. “The team was incredible and easy to work with. And the price couldn’t be beat for everything that was included,” she adds.