Don’t sweat the small stuff and other wedding ‘mishaps’

Ripped dress, wrong songs – no problem! You got this

Spilled tomato sauce on your dress? Dress strap ripping off? The DJ playing requests when you clearly stated no requests? There are endless things that can go wrong at a wedding – or even during the wedding planning, but you can’t sweat the small stuff.

Here are few scenarios (and let’s face it, there can be many different scenarios) that could occur either during the planning process or during your wedding, and ways you can quickly deal or brush them off! Because in the end – the day will be perfect because it’s about the two of you and the love you have for each other until the end of time!

You aren’t getting your RSVPs back, and it’s dangerously close to your final venue meeting! Honestly, most venues expect this. This is why they have a minimum headcount. They know at the end of the day there will be some no-shows, or even people showing up who might have said no. So, just track down as many as you can – yes, this means texting or calling Aunt Suzy to see if all five of your cousins are coming – and give your best guess when you submit your final headcount. Or, honestly, just guess! If your minimum head count is 175 – and you only have 165 RSVPs – just be honest – you have to pay for this amount anyway, and any good venue will probably throw in some extras here or there (seafood display, chocolate fountain, etc.) to account for the difference. And on your wedding day – do NOT worry if more or less people show up! You’ve already paid, enjoy your day and celebrate with the guests who came out to celebrate you!

Your parents and future in-laws have a difference of opinion in the seating chart. This one can cause some tension, but depending on your situation, it can be resolved with minimal stress. Listen to both sides – see if they have a point (should your loud uncle really sit next to your quiet cousin?) – and then make adjustments. The reality is, if it’s a big enough crowd, people are only really sitting for the food. They’ll be mingling and dancing. So, make those adjustments and move on. The seating chart can seem daunting, but again, in the end, no one will really remember where they sat.

Now onto the wedding day itself. Let’s say the napkins and tablecloths are the wrong color. Or maybe there’s floating candles on the table instead of flowers in water. Honestly, these are things you shouldn’t sweat at all! Not even in the slightest. In fact, I would hope you wouldn’t even notice, as there will definitely be more important things happening! But if you do happen to notice there are pink napkins, when your color theme is blue, I’m sure one of your bridesmaids or maid of honor could pull the maitre’d aside early enough in the day to let him or her know and see if it can be fixed.

Oh no! The DJ played a guest request or worse a ‘do not play’ song! Again – don’t worry about it. No one will know! But if the DJ plays Hootie and the Blowfish, and you clearly hate Hootie and the Blowfish, it will be a funny story to tell with your besties after the fact! If the requests really bother you though, remember, this is what your bridal party is for. Just have someone politely ask the DJ to stop taking requests and move on with the night. No big deal!

And finally – what happens if something happens to your dress!?!?! This is probably one of the worst things that could happen, but it could also be very minor if you just take it in stride. The venue will most likely assign you a bridal attendant who will be able to stitch, sew and clean you right up in a matter of minutes! There are rips and tears and spills at every wedding. And I bet you didn’t even notice unless you were the one dealing with it, right? Keep your cool, grab whoever you need to help you, get cleaned up or stitched up and get right back out there!!!

What seems like a big deal to some, can seem minor to others, and vice versa. The key to planning a wedding is to keep calm, expect bumps in the road and remember, it’s your day and it’s going to be the best day ever – no matter what!! Only you can control your attitude – so if you’re having fun and just laughing and brushing off the minor mishaps, everyone will follow your lead and enjoy themselves! Plus, let’s be honest, most people just remember how good the food was anyway!