How Ring Leader Completely Transforms Your Wedding Planning

Ditch those spreadsheets and plan your wedding with one easy-to-use app.

Guest lists, vendor contracts, payment plans, seating charts, OH MY! You’ve probably created spreadsheet upon spreadsheet, not to mention all of the appointments, emails, texts and calendar reminders. But now, you can ditch the old way planning your wedding thanks to the new app Ring Leader. From connecting with your vendors to messaging your bride tribe or guests, Ring Leader will completely transform your wedding planning experience.

Bridging the Gap

Created by BOLI founder Heather Cunningham (with lots of input from brides like you!) Ring Leader bridges the gap between engaged couples and their vendors.

You probably have some vendors that email you, some that text and one that even wants to call you! Ring Leader lets you speak to everyone on your vendor team in one place, without actually speaking to anyone on the phone. With Ring Leader, you’re able to browse vendors, check their availability, book them on the spot, and communicate with them while planning your wedding – all in the app.

Ditch the Paper

Generate your own personal wedding QR code for your guests to view your invite and RSVP. You can send the code directly to your guests, or print it out to include in your invitations for a quick and easy way to respond. Not only does this save you some anxiety about getting those RSVP cards back, but it also saves you time and money on stamps!

Plus, once those guests have RSVP’d you can easily generate a seating chart based on categories you create through Ring Leader. You no longer have to pull out your whiteboard and start moving Post-Its around! Just create groups (like sorority sisters, work friends, etc.), and let Ring Leader work its magic to make your seating chart.


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Communicate With Guests

Have a sudden change of plans, like moving your ceremony indoors due to weather? Don’t worry about texting everyone – just pull up the Ring Leader app and send custom, time-sensitive (and even fun) messages to your entire guest list.

And let’s not forget about that fancy seating chart that you let Ring Leader dream up! Message guests their seating assignments from the app and ditch those expensive place cards.

Manage Payments & Appointments

Schedule all of your appointments with your vendors directly from the app – and don’t forget to sign up for those reminders! Plus, you can sync Ring Leader with your Google Calendar to avoid double booking appointments and meetings.

Now, let’s talk about contracts and payments. Ditch those tired folders and completely transform your wedding planning by storing everything in Ring Leader. Vendors can send you documents and contracts through the app, plus you can upload your own digital copies of any paperwork.

And let’s face it: with all of the moving parts of wedding planning, you may forget what vendor gets what payment and when! Not anymore – Ring Leader will keep track of all deposits and payments you’ve made, and will notify your vendors of your fiscal responsibility.

Ring Leader also allows you to create all of your To Do lists in one spot. Plus, your vendors can assign you some tasks (like “Create your ‘Do Not Play List”), so you can easily check off items.

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Poll Your Bride Tribe

Close out that group chat (because one of your besties probably has an Android anyway) and keep your bride tribe in the loop with Ring Leader. You can send out important reminders (like “Don’t forget to pick up your dresses!”) and update them on anything wedding related. Plus, you can get honest feedback (anonymously!) by polling your bridal party about everything from dress styles to bachelorette locations and more.

Expand Your BOLI Community

Ring Leader offers a Bride Feed that allows you to connect with other brides who are also planning their weddings. Share your ideas with fellow brides, get inspiration and so much more in this judgment-free zone.

Remember, you’re not alone! BOLI is always there to reassure you that your wedding day will be the best day ever. We’ll laugh with you. We’ll cry with you. We’re there for you throughout the whole process. And now Ring Leader will completely transform your wedding planning to make it easier, stress-free and fun!