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“It’s a True Bachelorette Party!” DJ CHEF Brings the Party to Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for a fun, interactive dance party with a great meal, DJ CHEF is all you need.

We all know that your wedding is going to be the best party ever. But why not get the party going a little early with DJ CHEF at your bachelorette party! He’s a chef. He’s a DJ. He’s a little famous (cough, Cutthroat Kitchen winner, cough)! And he’s ready to give you the most memorable bachelorette party that your friends will be talking about for years to come! 

You might be asking – but what does he do? He throws you a true bachelorette party from the minute he arrives until the minute he leaves. All you need to do is provide him with a kitchen to cook in and some space to dance because you and your friends will be grooving and shaking all night to your favorite songs. He can come to your home or any rental home. DJ CHEF loves to cook in the Hamptons. “My main location, not even by my choice, [is the Hamptons.] The most girls are out in the Hamptons, the North Fork and Montauk. So, to be able to stay in the area, I can do more parties and fulfill more requests,” DJ CHEF says. And that’s what he wants to do – highlight you as a bride to make your night special before you take the plunge.

(Courtesy of DJ CHEF)

Throughout the party, you can expect DJ CHEF to spotlight you and get you involved in a fun, interactive cooking routine! He has some special surprises for the dessert too! In between eating and cooking, there will be lots of singing and dancing. DJ CHEF plays everything.

Throwbacks, boy bands, Baby Got Back, EDM, bar tunes. Stuff that you want to let loose to, be a little silly with your girls.”

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(Courtesy of DJ CHEF)

We know what you’re thinking. You don’t cook! That’s OK. According to DJ CHEF, you don’t need to have any cooking skills. “It’s really about having fun with it,” he says. Originally, DJ CHEF offered cooking class parties, but he realized after a while that girls at a bachelorette party don’t want to sit around and learn to cook. They want to let loose and have fun. “It’s not really about a serious cooking class on that type of night.”

The menu features ingredients and recipes that are delicious. He also says all the ingredients are separate for any kind of food allergies, and he can accommodate or modify recipes on the spot as needed.

The DJ CHEF Experience is one like no other. And it came about through DJ CHEF’s two passions – food and music. DJ CHEF started out as a DJ in high school and eventually took a job with a local caterer. Throughout his time with the caterer, he learned how to cook, and the owner encouraged him to go to culinary school. At first, he wasn’t interested, but something clicked and he enrolled in New York Restaurant School, where he learned all of the skills he needed to be a chef. He worked in the restaurant scene in Manhattan for years, rubbing shoulders with some music icons such as Madonna and the Beastie Boys.

Eventually, he made his way to Long Island and worked in corporate dining. Even though corporate dining meant a Monday-Friday job, DJ CHEF says executives at the companies he worked for would hire him for their private parties on the weekend. He realized at these parties that they were missing something – music! And this is when DJ CHEF was born. But he didn’t stop there. After an interview with a bridal magazine, he thought up the idea of throwing brides their bachelorette parties. And while at first, this seemed foreign to him, he quickly embraced the concept as more and more requests poured in for the DJ CHEF to host the biggest parties!

DJ CHEF loves working with Brides of Long Island! He loves how we engage with each other, lift each other up and support each other through the wedding planning process. He adds that he’s honored to be a BOLI Diamond Award Top Vendor winner! “It still blows me away. I play sports and I’ve won a lot of things, but this, by far, is the most impressive thing I’ve seen. It’s motivation,” DJ CHEF says. Motivation to give you the best bachelorette party experience of your life!

(Courtesy of DJ CHEF)

A piece of advice from DJ CHEF – book him early! He says he always tries to accommodate as many brides as possible, but you don’t want to wait too long. In fact, he says, he already has brides reserving for next summer. If you or your bestie are planning your bachelorette party, DJ CHEF wants to talk to you!

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As if you need any more convincing, DJ CHEF is the winner of Cutthroat Kitchen on the Food Network. Something he says was very challenging, but also very rewarding.

Here is what fellow BOLI member Christina has to say about DJ CHEF, “If you’re looking for something fun and different for a bridal shower or bachelorette party, I highly recommend DJ CHEF. He was professional, entertaining and set the perfect vibe!”

You can find DJ CHEF on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Check out his video below! And click here to find out more about DJ CHEF merch!