Miller Place Inn Closes, Leaving Brides Scrambling For New Venues

Brides received letters stating the venue was closed as of Feb. 1, 2024.

(Photo of Miller Place Inn)

Miller Place Inn shut its doors unexpectedly this month, leaving dozens of brides scrambling to look for new venues.

This week, several Brides of Long Island members received letters stating that the venue was permanently closed as of Feb. 1, 2024. The popular wedding venue in Miller Place was run by the Regina family for more than 18 years. The closure comes “because of the current business environment, the changing dynamics of the catering industry, and the remnant effects of the pandemic lockdowns that still affect so many of our residents and businesses,” the letter states. As a result, the owners determined it wasn’t possible to continue operations.

The brides left scrambling are devastated by the news, now forced to find new venues in just a few weeks or months. BOLI Kelley Tighe, who booked her May 10, 2024 wedding two years ago, told Newsday, “I’m very upset right now. Spending all this money on your wedding and getting it ripped out from underneath you is not easy.”

BOLI Kimberly Lombardi booked her April 28, 2024 wedding in May of 2023. She now has less than three months to find a venue for her ceremony and reception. “To say we were shocked and frustrated is an understatement. Miller Place Inn had been ignoring my calls since January, and now I know why,” says Lombardi. “My photographer is helping me call venues to see if my date is available. We have been overwhelmed with how amazing venues have been in helping us try to get our wedding back on track.”

According to the letter, Miller Place Inn is in the process of refunding any deposits that had been paid towards future events. Brides with cancelled weddings can reach out Miller Place Inn’s attorney, Anthony P. Gallo, Esq., no later than March 15, 2024. He can be reached at (631) 499-2555 or by email at

If you need assistance relocating your wedding, please contact the BOLI office at