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“Making this a more personable experience was actually more luxurious:” Rivmont Bespoke Outfits Every Groom in Customized, High-quality Style

Paul Lee, owner of Rivmont Bespoke, believes that the groom’s attire is almost as important as the bride’s…almost

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Finding “the dress” has become a pivotal rite of passage for many brides, and for good reason – it’s the gown you’ll wear at one of the most beautiful moments of your life. Such an important garment requires incredible care, attention to detail, and expertise to ensure that it looks like it was created especially for you.

But in many instances, the groom and his attire gets overshadowed during the bridal preparations. Why is that the case? Your wedding is a day that holds just as much meaning for your future husband as it does for you. Shouldn’t he also deserve to look and feel his best during such a vitally significant moment?

Paul Lee, owner and lead tailor of BOLI Preferred Vendor Rivmont Bespoke, answers that question with a resounding “yes!” That’s why he’s dedicated to helping grooms express themselves through custom-tailored suits, tuxedos, and shirts. 

Image courtesy of Rivmont Bespoke

“I was actually able to pull the trigger and make a name for myself.”

There’s no denying that Paul knows his way around a suit. “I’ve been in the custom suiting business for 13 years, starting off as a fitter and then slowly becoming the training manager,” he remembered. “By 2014 I was hiring and training a lot of the tailors that are pretty active now in the industry. I started managing six stores in New York, one in Philadelphia, Center City, and Amsterdam, Netherlands.”

Paul’s international responsibilities planted the seeds for starting his own venture. “The time difference there is six hours, so I had a lot of time for myself to reflect and think about how I could make this process more personal. And then in 2020, during Covid, is when I was actually able to pull the trigger and make a name for myself.”

Image courtesy of Rivmont Bespoke

“This was a different type of service.”

Covid not only supplied the motivation for starting Rivmont Bespoke, but it also inspired the way Paul serves his clientele. “I had a friend who was getting married and wanted a tuxedo for himself,” he remembered. “Obviously in 2020, a lot of the retailers were closing down, or forcefully shut down, and he couldn’t get into the stores. He wanted me to just make it for him, which I was able to do, and I realized that this was a different type of service.”

At the time, a mobile fitter that came to you was a necessity. But as time went on, Paul discovered that this protocol provided a much more humanizing experience. “I saw how everything was changing, turning into ‘delivery-friendly,’ with everyone leaving offices. So I thought, moving forward, making this a more personable experience was actually more luxurious. Going to someone’s home and working with them to build a suit or tuxedo, I was able to really execute and provide a better result for each individual.”

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“If they’ve never gotten a custom suit before, I guide them through each step of the way.”

So what should your fiancé expect when making an appointment with Rivmont Bespoke? “When it’s an event like a wedding, most of the time I find that they have some sort of an idea of what they want – sometimes they’ll go through Pinterest, or be interested in a specific style,” Paul described. “Then I’ll dive into that style more specifically, based on their body type and so on.”

“If they’ve never gotten a custom suit before, I guide them through each step of the way,” he continued. “When a person has no idea what they want, I’ll start from the beginning.”

“I remember the feeling I got was just indescribable.”

When asked about a favorite wedding memory, Paul returned to his first groom – the friend who requested a custom-made tuxedo. “That first experience was definitely one I’ll treasure for the rest of my life,” he said. “Not only was I able to be creative – with the monogram, what he wrote inside the jacket, using certain colors that were meaningful to him and his bride – but everything just came out so beautifully.”

“I was part of the wedding, I was part of the ceremony through that suit that I made for him,” he added. “I remember the feeling I got was just indescribable.”

Image courtesy of Rivmont Bespoke

“There’s a reason why you’re making it all-custom.”

Paul has several valuable words of advice for brides (and grooms!) of Long Island. “When you come up with a style, really focus on what’s important to you and on being yourself instead of just trying to mimic or copy someone else,” he suggested. “There’s a reason why you’re making it all-custom. When we’re building a garment completely from scratch, trust the fitter and their guidance in terms of the style. The process can be scary for some since it’s uncertain, but 10 out of 10 times when they see the results, they’re happy.”

He also recommends treating your tux or suit fittings the same way you’d treat a dress fitting. “When I got married, I remember the preparation time and commuting to get fitted,” Paul recounted. “Usually for the bride, that’s where the focus is – they’re getting fitted for the dress and trying it on over and over. I think that’s where our mobile service really saves time, which is so crucial. The groom could still be focusing on the bride and helping in whatever way he can, while the fitter is at the location of his convenience, fitting the suit and allowing him to try it on.” 

“But the turnaround time is very important. The groom should consider at least two to three months before the actual event, so that we don’t have to rush through the process. It’s great if we get everything right on the first shot, but a first, second, and maybe even up to a third fitting should be considered.” 

Finally, grooms should keep in mind the high-quality that comes with a customized suit or tux. “I know it’s clichè, but price is something that everyone is very sensitive about during wedding planning,” Paul explained. “In terms of our fabric materials, I can say that we have such amazing, renowned mills like Zegna, Loro PIana, Vitale Barberis who is our number one buying company, so the quality for the price is there.”