Should You Celebrate Your Dating Anniversary After You Get Married?

The word “anniversary” now has a new meaning! But should you still celebrate your dating anniversary after you get married?

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It’s a date you’ll remember forever — your wedding anniversary! The years that come are sure to be filled with date nights, themed gifts, and beautiful reminders of your love for one another.

But before you said “I do,” chances are you and your spouse celebrated the day you solidified your relationship. Dating anniversaries are special too, and many couples wonder if they should still celebrate it after exchanging rings. Does your dating anniversary still matter after you get married? BOLI, we’re here to tell you — yes! Here’s why.

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It honors your beginning

Whether you choose to celebrate your first dinner, your first kiss, or the first time you defined your relationship, that moment signifies the start of your lives together. Think of your dating anniversary like the opening credits to your favorite movie — you can’t get to all the good parts without pressing play!  

Your relationship will come with many reasons to celebrate. Why limit everything to just one day? Take the time to honor each part of your lives together differently. Your dating anniversary is a way to remember the excitement, anticipation, and hopeful ambiguity of your early years. Remember what it was like hoping that “ding” from your phone was a text message from them? Or feeling butterflies in your stomach when they suggested hanging out over the weekend?  

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How to celebrate your dating anniversary

If your first thought was “oh no, now I have to think of a wedding anniversary AND a dating anniversary present,” don’t worry. There are no hard-and-fast rules for celebrating dating anniversaries (there aren’t for wedding anniversaries, either!) You can choose to celebrate any milestone in a way that feels right for you as a couple.

For example — say your first date was dinner and a movie. Try whipping up the same meal you had that night, and finding the movie on Netflix to watch again. Can you say “sense memory?” Reliving some of the same events from your past will remind you of all the fun you had when you first started dating. And it doesn’t involve lots of planning or money to pull off! 

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Sometimes life gets in the way, and even a “Netflix and chill” kind of night seems impossible to squeeze in. If circumstances prevent you and your spouse from taking a few hours for yourselves, try sharing a special memory from your dating anniversary with each other. Mark the occasion with a picture from the day, a text message recounting a conversation or funny moment, or just a quick “I love you.” The gesture doesn’t have to be grand to be meaningful.

Your relationship will grow and change as time passes — be sure to recognize each of your beginnings with reverence, laughter, and love!