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“If you’re looking for a destination wedding and something that’s unique, I can give you everything:” The Crescent Beach Club Offers Paradise in Your Own Backyard

Featuring white sand, majestic palms, and newly-renovated facilities with a tropical vibe, The Crescent Beach Club is the ideal location for a destination wedding – no travel required!

Image provided by The Crescent Beach Club, courtesy of JoVon Photography

Since the moment you began planning, your heart’s been set on a beachfront wedding. The calm waves, the sandy shores, the palm trees swaying in the breeze – it’s the perfect setting to say “I do.”

But when you consider all the logistics of a destination wedding, you might start to think the task is too overwhelming. Should you give up dreams of tropical paradise and settle for something a little closer to home? Luckily, Brides of Long Island can have the best of both worlds: a beachside wedding with the feel of an exotic locale right in our own neighborhood, thanks to BOLI Preferred Vendor The Crescent Beach Club!

Image courtesy of The Crescent Beach Club

“We just became this very tropical paradise.”

Tucked away on the prestigious North Shore, The Crescent Beach Club often feels more like a romantic getaway than a Long Island institution. “It’s a private beach, and we do one wedding at a time,” said The Crescent Beach Club’s director of sales Denise Chevalier. “We just became this very tropical paradise. I joke around with brides when I meet them, especially if it’s their first time here, ‘you’re in so much trouble. If you’re looking for a destination wedding and something that’s unique, I give you everything.’ Nine times out of ten they call back and say ‘you were so right.’”

Augmenting that tropical feeling are The Crescent Beach Club’s famous palm trees, which they welcome each year with an exciting Instagram countdown. “It’s a month-long process of going to the homestead and hand-picking the palm trees, putting them on a truck, and getting them here,” explained Denise. Additional palm trees and plants are provided thanks to a movie that was shot at The Crescent Beach Club.  “Matt Silver the GM/COO and his team put together a wonderful production.  He has an amazing eye for seeing things and putting them into perspective.  He truly devotes his time and endless effort to make sure everything runs smooth and comes together,” said Denise. “Once all the palm trees get planted, which takes three days, white sand is brought in. Then we bring  in very colorful, vibrant tropical flowers that are placed on the fence . There you have it – a tropical paradise!”

Image courtesy of The Crescent Beach Club

While the setting is serene and sublime, it’s the extra details that will elevate your shoreside experience. “We offer beach bonfires, s’mores, a fast food station that goes along with the beach bonfire,” said Jenna Donofrio, The Crescent Beach Club’s social media manager. “We offer cigar rollers as well, which is always fun. Hawaiian dancers come along and they do fire dances which is really amazing. It truly elevates your experience.”

Image provided by The Crescent Beach Club, courtesy of Studio 27

“We just took it to the next level.”

With the “beach” aspect of The Crescent Beach Club perfected, the staff decided to focus their recent design ambitions on interiors. “We just completed a lot of renovations, and we just took it to the next level,” Denise described. 

“In the ballroom, we have hardwood floors. The rugs are gone, we put in a brand new floor. We have doors that go out onto the patio – they’re floor-to-ceiling doors, humongous. We ended up painting them a very light color so that now when you walk in the room, you actually don’t even see the doors. Your eyes go right out onto the water. It’s breathtaking. I know I work here and I’m saying that, but it’s beautiful.”

But the ballroom isn’t where the renovations end. “In the bridal suite – again, we got rid of the rugs and put in hardwood floors. This year we’ll add radiant-heated floors as well,” Denise added.  “We also changed the wallpaper to a very simple, modern flower pattern that just uplifts the room. It’s a nice feeling – seeing that these changes have made such a big difference.”

Image provided by The Crescent Beach Club, courtesy of JoVon Photography

“I think it’s really interesting to bring local businesses here.”

There’s no doubt that the surroundings are stunning at The Crescent Beach Club, but as any bride knows – you can’t have a good party without good food. So of course, The Crescent Beach Club excels when it comes to cuisine. 

“Our head chef, Valeria Vegvari, studied abroad and worked in French restaurants,” Denise recounted. “She’s just an amazing chef. When the owner comes here to check in, he’ll walk in and go right to Chef Val and ask ‘what can you make me today?’ This is a man who can go anywhere he wants, and he always wants her food because it’s so rich and flavorful.”

Image courtesy of The Crescent Beach Club

To give future Crescent couples a taste of what to expect, The Crescent Beach Club hosts two intimate bridal showcases each year. “We wanted to make things a little bit more quaint and more personable,” explained Denise. “What’s nice is they’re meeting the chef, they’re meeting Stacie DeRosa the event manager and coordinator of events and her fabulous staff, they’re meeting their exclusive bridal attendant and our house vendors. We do this so the bride and groom can get a feel of their wedding here. While they are here, the couples get to see the chef in action and see her attention to detail.  You will be getting a feel of what it entails to cook for 600 people.”

Even though The Crescent Beach Club feels like a paradise far from home, they frequently feature and celebrate Long Island-based businesses. “We carry craft beer from different Long Island breweries, one being Garvies. Our General Manager/COO [Matt Silver] is also the General Manager there also,” Jenna said. “I think it’s really interesting to bring local businesses here. Long Island is big on wineries and craft beer and a lot of couples, especially the grooms, love the craft beer that we have to offer.” 

“The other way we like to incorporate local businesses is with our seafood,” Denise added. “Most of our seafood is from The Bridge Marina. We like to keep everything close to home and utilize companies that are from the area and support local businesses.

Image courtesy of The Crescent Beach Club

“Everyone is equally invested in the ‘happily ever after’ of all the brides who come here.”

A tight-knit, dedicated staff works diligently to keep The Crescent Beach Club one of Long Island’s most sought-after venues. “It’s a small office, so it’s not like you’re being tossed from one person to another.  We dedicated our time, attention and commitment to each client,” commented Denise. “Everyone is equally invested in making your dreams into reality, of all the brides who come here. We love saying ‘‘I’m going to take your dream and I’m going to make it come true with my assistance, and my wonderful and hard working staff.’”

“I feel like that’s what sets us apart from other places,” Jenna included. “You book a wedding here and you immediately get so close with everyone in the building. You feel like you belong here.”

“It starts from the top with our General Manager/COO, Matt Silver,” Denise continued. “We always hold meetings together asking ‘How can we make things better? Are we staying with the times and changing the things the way our brides and grooms are changing?’ Flexibility is important. You have to be flexible and you have to be caring. All of us are caring, knowledgeable, understanding, and very flexible from the start to the end. We all have worked together and have known each for a long time and have seen our families grow.” 

Image courtesy of The Crescent Beach Club

“Our past, present, and future brides come and visit us.”

Many brides have to say farewell to their venues once their weddings have come and gone. But thanks to The Ocean Restaurant, located within The Crescent Beach Club, you can experience the same serenity of your wedding day for years to come. “Our past, present, and future couples come and visit us and eat in the restaurant,” explained Denise. “It’s amazing how many people will have their anniversary dinners here. They come with their families and I get to meet their kids. It’s a really special feeling.”  

Image courtesy of The Crescent Beach Club