The Pros and Cons of Holiday Weddings

The good, the bad and the festive reasons to have your wedding on a holiday.

From counting down to midnight with your loved ones on New Year’s Eve to watching fireworks under the stars on the Fourth of July, having your wedding on a holiday can be festive and fantastic. But as with all things, there are some cons to holiday weddings. If you have your heart set on a holiday wedding, don’t go racing to your calendars just yet! Here are some pros and cons of holiday weddings to consider when choosing the perfect date for your big day.

Pro: Special Decorations

For the fall and winter holidays, most venues will decorate accordingly. Think pumpkins and dark colored flowers for weddings in September through November, and holiday trees and poinsettias for December. Bright colors will fill venues for the spring and summer months. If a holiday wedding is for you, check with your venue before you choose your own décor – you might not need as much as you think.

Con: Too Many Decorations

If less is more in your mind, having a holiday wedding might not be for you as a lot of venues have special decorations for the holidays. It’s best to check with your venue or the BOLI Facebook group to find out what decorations venues will have around the holidays before choosing your date.

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Pro: Extra Days Off

Depending on the holiday, you could have built in days off around them. Sure, holidays like Martin Luther King Jr. Day or Presidents Day fall on Mondays. But if you have a Sunday night wedding, most people will have off the next day.

Con: Guests Might Be Busy

Depending on the holiday, guests may be busy. The winter holidays tend to be a very busy season. Sometimes people will plan vacations during the summer holidays or on long weekends. Or, maybe it’s just a tough time to travel. So, keep this in mind when planning your holiday wedding.

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Pro: Better Deals in the Off-season

Winter holiday weddings are during the off-season, which often see better deals at venues. This extends to January and February holidays too.. You may even want to consider a Valentine’s Day or St. Patrick’s Day wedding to secure a great deal with some fun themed décor.

Con: Might Be Too Cliché

Some may consider a Christmas-themed or spooky Halloween wedding too cliché. However, if these are your dream wedding plans, don’t listen to the haters and secure the dates for your holiday wedding.

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(Photo courtesy of The Glenmar Studio)

When it comes to choosing a date, it needs to be perfect for you and your future spouse. If you have your heart set on saying ‘I do’ next to a Christmas tree, then plan your December holiday wedding. If you’re all about the spooky, then get some masks for your photo booth and help your guests ‘dress up’ in costumes at your Halloween wedding. Or maybe you just love the summer months, and you want to incorporate some red, white and blue around Memorial Day or Fourth of July. Whatever you choose, remember it will be the best day of your lives.