What’s the Average Cost of a Long Island Wedding?

It’s HOW much? Here’s the average cost of a Long Island wedding, and what real BOLIs paid for their big days.

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If you’ve ever been to a wedding in a different state or region, you’ll realize pretty quickly that Long Island weddings are…different. Our cocktail hours are robust, our bars are open, and guest list numbers pack quite a punch.

As you might imagine, all that opulence comes with a hefty price tag. So, what is the average cost of a Long Island wedding? And how does that average compare with the rest of the nation?

The average cost of a Long Island wedding

According to this article from Newsday, the average cost of a Long Island wedding is around $61,000. But keep in mind, the article was written about five years ago. BOLI estimates that the current Long Island average is closer to $67,000.

How does that amount stack up against national averages? The Knot’s annual Real Wedding Study found that in 2022, wedding costs across the country averaged around $30,000 – that’s less than half the Long Island average. In New York state, the average was $46,000 – around 20k less than the Island.

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THAT’S how much a Long Island wedding costs?!

Well, yes and no. Remember that an average is just that – some weddings are more expensive, and some are less. We spoke with a few brides of Long Island about their wedding day costs.

“I came in to the wedding planning hoping to stay in the $30,000 range,” said an anonymous BOLI. “Now I have almost all vendors booked and our budget has shifted to $45,000.”
Where is that money going? “I contacted many, many vendors – DJ, photography, videography, hair & makeup, etc,” she continued. “There were very few vendors that I found that cost below average, [no] more than $100 or so. With that in mind, I looked for best quality for the cost.” 

Blowing the average

Another anonymous BOLI’s wedding came in well over the 67k mark. “All in all, my wedding was around $100,000,” she replied. “My venue alone was around $64,000 because we had 300 guests. My dress was expensive, we had a huge bridal party and paid for their dresses and hair & makeup, we basically got the top-tier packages from any of the vendors we chose, our rehearsal dinner was like a mini-wedding itself…yeah, we spent a lot.”

Did she have any regrets on the price tag? “Honestly, not really,” she admitted. “My parents had been saving for my wedding for a long time. So we used that money, and only around $5,000 more. My fiancé’s family contributed some too, but my parents paid for the bulk of it from money they had been saving for this specific event.” 

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Staying (way) below the average

“My wedding was perfect and it was $5,500 total,” said another anonymous BOLI. “We had a courthouse ceremony and a small dinner with close family and friends, about 20 people total.”

How did she keep costs so low? “I actually made my dress myself, which was obviously a lot cheaper than buying it but also really special and meaningful. My sister and I DIY-ed literally all of our decorations, including my bouquet. I did my own makeup and hair. My fiancé wore a suit he already had. We all drove our own cars. The most expensive part was the dinner at a restaurant after the ceremony. No frills, but still the best day ever.”