39 Questions to Ask When Choosing a DJ

Here are the questions to ask when choosing a DJ, so you’ll have an epic reception!

A DJ with headphone on fist pumps to the camera

Image courtesy of High Voltage Entertainment

You’ve just said “I do,” and now it’s time to start the party! But a packed dance floor requires a lot more than your favorite Spotify playlist and some bluetooth speakers. To get (and keep) the celebration going, you’ll want to find a great DJ and MC. Hire a team that fits your vibe, your schedule, and (most importantly) your budget! Here are 39 questions to ask when choosing a DJ:

History and Background:

  1. How long have you been in business? 
  2. Have you always done weddings, or do you do other events as well?
  3. How many weddings have you done?
  4. Have you done other weddings at my venue?
  5. How many events do you do per day? Per weekend?

Schedule and Availability:

  1. Are you available on my date?
  2. Will you be DJing/MCing for my wedding, or will it be someone else with the company?
  3. Can I request a specific DJ/MC?
  4. Is there a back-up DJ/MC in cases of emergency or illness?
  5. Do you have back-up equipment in case something doesn’t work the day of the wedding?
  6. When will you need to arrive to begin set-up? How long will you need to break everything down after the reception?
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Price and packages:

  1. What kind of packages do you offer?
  2. Do you offer any lighting upgrades?
  3. Do you offer any speaker upgrades?
  4. Do you offer any screen upgrades?
  5. Do your packages include ceremony and/or cocktail hour music?
  6. Do you have any live musicians for hire? What is the cost?
  7. Do you have any additional services that can be added to packages? (Marquee letters, photobooths, etc)

Style and personality:

  1. What are the hosting styles of your MCs? Do they promote a huge party atmosphere? Or do they stay back and go with the vibe of the guests?
  2. Do your DJs take requests? Is there a system set up for guests to make requests if they want?
  3. Do the DJs keep up with current music trends?
  4. How do the DJs access their music? How do they keep their music collection up to date?
  5. Do the DJ and MC take breaks? When do they usually happen?
  6. Do you have a DJ/MC that specializes in specific cultural music?
  7. Are any of your DJs/MCs bilingual? Can I request a bilingual DJ/MC? 

Paperwork and Planning:

  1. Do you require a deposit to hold my date? How much is the deposit?
  2. Do you offer payment plans? What is the payment schedule?
  3. When will I receive a copy of my contract?
  4. Do you offer any discounts (military, first responder, law enforcement, etc)
  5. What is your refund or cancellation policy?
  6. Do you carry your own liability insurance?
  7. Can I provide a “must play” and “do not play” list?
  8. Do you help couples choose songs for the playlist?
  9. Do you help couples choose songs for their procession/entrance/dances?
  10. When do I need to have all my song selections submitted to you? 
  11. When will I receive a copy of my contract? 
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COVID Concerns:

  1. What is your company’s policy on masks? Will the DJ or MC be required to wear masks during the ceremony/cocktail hour/reception?
  2. What is your company’s policy on vaccination? *It is legal to ask this question, if it is a concern of yours. The DJ/MC has the right to decline answering it.
  3. What is your company’s policy on testing? Are your DJs/MCs required to be tested regularly?