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Get Your Groove On DJ Entertainment Keeps Your Guests Dancing All Night Long

With almost 30 years experience, Harry, of Get Your Groove On, will keep your dance floor packed.

(Courtesy of Get Your Groove On DJ Entertainment)

When it comes to choosing the perfect DJ for your wedding, you want to go with the best, of course. You probably want to make sure your dance floor is packed at all times, and your favorite music is playing. Well, the guys at Get Your Groove On DJ Entertainment are here to do just that – play your favorite tunes and keep your guests dancing all night long! As one of the Brides of Long Island’s preferred vendors, and more than 30 years experience, you can’t really go wrong when you meet with owner Harry of Get Your Groove On to plan your special day.

Getting His Groove On

Harry started DJing in 1992 with another company, where he learned everything he knows. In 2008, he decided to start his own DJ company. And with the help of his wife, Get Your Groove On was born. When asked what his favorite part of DJing is, Harry says, “I don’t work a day in my life. I enjoy so much of it.” And who wouldn’t want a DJ who loves what he does at their wedding?

Harry loves the fact that every wedding is different, which keeps him on his toes.

Every party has its own special music. It makes every event different, that’s what makes it fun.”

Creating the Perfect Playlist

At Get Your Groove On, each of the DJs, including Harry, have different styles. Some have a club style. Some are bi-lingual. But no matter the style, each of the DJs work with brides to create the perfect day and the perfect playlist. “Our style is catering to what they want to hear and how they want it mixed through the night,” says Harry.

Once you’re booked with Get Your Groove On, you’ll meet with them about a month before your wedding to go over every detail and aspect of how you want your music throughout the night. They want to ensure it turns out the way you envision it. They encourage you to make not only a ‘playlist’ but also a ‘do not playlist.’ And once they have those songs – no matter how long those lists are – they look forward to orchestrating it throughout the night. “We save some songs for before dinner; some songs for after dinner,” says Harry. “And then some other music for after the cake cut.”

Planning your night is similar to putting together a puzzle. And the guys at Get Your Groove On love to work on those puzzles with you. “We take those lists and we work it out to the way we think works.” They tell all of their brides and grooms that they will play all of your favorite songs, you just need to trust that they’ll play it in a way that make sense to keep your party going! And their brides do. “They trust us,” says Harry. “That’s how it goes.”

(Courtesy of Get Your Groove On DJ Entertainment)

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Helping You Plan

When you’re creating those playlists, if you have any questions, you’ll want to reach out to Harry! Can’t decide between two first dance songs? Harry and his DJs at Get Your Groove On will help you decide. They might suggest you play both songs – part of one and then part of another. Harry says you can play them back-to-back or play one at the beginning of the wedding and then one later in the day or night.

And what about those parent dances? Harry suggests figuring out what type of genre your parents like. Once you let him know what style your parents enjoy, he can suggest a bunch of songs that will be perfect for those special dances.

(Courtesy of Get Your Groove On DJ Entertainment)

More Party Fun

Get Your Groove On DJ Entertainment doesn’t just offer DJ services! They have different styles of photo booths – including the mirror photo booth and the open air booths. They also offer plasma TVs that can include a video montage, as well as Zap photos from throughout the night. If you want to dance on a cloud, Get Your Groove On can make that happen. Intelligent lighting? Not a problem. And they also offer instruments to play along at the reception – including a percussionist, violinist and a saxophone player. In addition, they have jazz trios and a harpist that you can book for your ceremony.

When it comes to guest requests, Harry leaves that up to the bride and groom to decide. If you want guest requests, the DJs at Get Your Groove On will take them, but if you’re adamantly against them, they will politely decline for you.

(Courtesy of Get Your Groove On DJ Entertainment)

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Ultimately, Get Your Groove On is here to make your night even more special. “We’re what you want. We’re what you need in every aspect of your wedding to ensure it turns out the way you envisioned it,” says Harry. He adds that as a bride, as long as you’re out there on the dance floor having fun, he knows it’s going to be an excellent night and that he’s made you happy!

As if you need any more convincing, BOLI Danyelle used Get Your Groove On for her wedding recently! “Get your Groove on DJ Entertainment helped to make my wedding day absolutely perfect,” says Danyelle. “Scheduling, planning and the day of were easy and everything was exactly what we wanted; I couldn’t have asked for a better DJ team that got and kept the party going the whole night.”