51 Items to Pack in Your Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Be prepared for anything on your big day! Here are 51 items to pack in your wedding day emergency kit

Your wedding day will be gorgeous no matter what happens. But, real talk: with all the moving parts, pieces, and people that have to be at the right place at the right time, it’s inevitable that a few things won’t go according to plan. While you can’t prepare for every possibility under the sun (or veil), having a few useful tools on hand could prevent a bigger crisis. Here are 51 items to pack in your wedding day emergency kit.

First Aid & Medical Items

1: Bandages (multiple sizes!)

2: Pain relievers (Advil, Tylenol, Motrin, etc.)

3: Allergy medications 

4: Nasal spray (Afrin, etc.)

5: Alcohol swaps

6: Antibiotic ointment

7: Antacids 

8: Any prescription medications for the bride or bridal party

Image courtesy of Bernard Alexis Photography

Toiletries & Personal Hygiene Items 

9:  Menstrual products (pads, tampons, extra cups, etc.)

10: Toothpaste

11: Floss

12: Mouthwash  

13: Toothbrush

14: Deodorant

15: Dry shampoo

16: Lip balm

17: Razor

18: Eye drops

19: Spare contacts

20: Glasses

21: Tweezers

22: Nail clippers

23: Nail file

24: Tissues

25: Cotton swabs

26: Breath mints or gum 

27: Perfume 

Image courtesy of Tino Photography

Hair & Makeup Items

28: Bobby pins

29: Hair elastics

30: Hair clips

31: Lip gloss

32: Hairspray

33: Brush or comb

34: Facial mist

Image courtesy of Betiana Hurtado

Clothing Items

35: Mini sewing kit (with needles and threads)

36: Safety pins

37: Fashion tape

38: Stain-removing wipes or pens

39: Lint roller

40: Clear nail polish (for hosiery runs)

41: Small scissors

Image courtesy of ADA Studio

Miscellaneous Items

42: Portable phone chargers 

43: Easy-to-eat snacks

44: Sunscreen 

45: Bug repellent 

46: Spare earring backs 

47: Cough drops

48: Hand sanitizer

49: Baby wipes

50: Glue 

51: Scotch tape