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“There’s Something For Everyone:” Bring Your Bachelorette Back to Summer Camp at Camp No Counselors!

Celebrate the bride-to-be with a unique rewind to your childhood – at one of the top summer camps in the nation!

Group of women by the pool

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There are some things about childhood that you’d be happy to forget (seeing square pizza still brings back a few elementary school nightmares).

However, your carefree and youthful days at summer camp are totally worth remembering – the nail-biting kickball games you won, the impressive tie-dying skills you picked up, and the lasting friendships you made all hold a very special place in your heart.

In the past, trying to relive these unforgettable moments as an adult was pretty tough. Sure, there were a few obstacle courses you tried, and YouTube re-taught you how to make a friendship bracelet, but you’d be lying if you said those experiences brought you the same kind of enjoyment as your camp days did.

But now, thanks to BOLI preferred vendor Camp No Counselors – the world’s largest all-inclusive summer camp for adults – you can travel back in time and reconnect to all the fun you had as a kid. And even better? You can bring the bride-to-be and her entire “I do” crew along for an epic throwback of a bachelorette party!

“A community built up.” – Camp No Counselors

What began as a different kind of summer getaway soon blossomed into a new community. “Camp No Counselors, or we just call it CNC for short, started Labor Day of 2013 with a group of friends,” explains Liam Macleod, CNC’s Head Camper. “They booked a summer camp, looking for a fun place to spend that holiday weekend. They put the word out and a community built up.”

Their initial event drew over a hundred friends and friends-of-friends. “They had a great weekend and the idea of Camp No Counselors was kind of born from that,” says Macleod. “We have continued to run events at camps around the country ever since.”

“People can choose what they want to do and experience.” – Camp No Counselors

From classic summer camp activities to events you’ll enjoy as an adult, CNC offers something for your entire bridal party.

“During the day, people can choose what they want to do and experience. Some of those are group sessions, some you can do by yourself. It really ranges,” Macleod describes. “There’s kickball, dodgeball, even some tennis, that kind of stuff. But we also have an adventure course, so if you’re more into archery, rock climbing, zip lining, swing shots, high ropes courses, we tailor to that kind of thing.” Of course, you’ll be able to spend some time on the water too. “We have all the waterfront activities – kayaking, canoeing, standup paddle boarding, a little bit of water skiing and tubing.”

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If you always preferred to spend your camp days inside, you’re still in luck. “For the people that are into the arts, we have your classic arts and crafts – your tie dying, bracelet making,” Macleod says. You’ll even have some creative opportunities with the kind of beverages you never got to sample in your summer camp days. “There’s cocktail making classes, or wine tasting, or Prosecco and painting. There’s something for everyone.”

Once the sun sets, the fun at Camp No Counselors continues. “We throw in some more excitement at night,” Macleod explains. “People come together for socials. We typically have a DJ and a live band. They’ll play music, we have a campfire where people can make s’mores, we have some cool bars dotted around. So it’s basically a very social community that we’re trying to build.”

A group of women dressed in costume at an outdoor party

Image courtesy of Camp No Counselors

“I don’t know of many other experiences where that’s a possibility.” – Camp No Counselors

While Camp No Counselors isn’t limited to just those who are celebrating impending nuptials, it makes for a particularly fun and interesting way to spend a bachelorette weekend. “We’ve had bachelorette groups that have created their own ’80s and ’90s style camp T-shirts and tube socks and stuff, there’s a retro vibe that goes on,” Macleod comments. “I remember a girl, her surname was Kosh. So all the girls turned up with headbands and T-shirts that said ‘Camp Kosh.’ That was super memorable because it was their little thing as a group in the wider experience.”

As opposed to most bachelorettes that require your group to agree on one event or activity, CNC gives everyone the chance to both come together and explore things solo. “There are activities where bachelor and bachelorette parties can do all these things as a group. Kickball, believe it or not, is the one most people want to do as a team together,” Macleod notes. “But if there’s something that someone else wants to try, they can go off and do a different thing for an hour or two and then reconvene.” Just make sure you make it to the pool! “The pool party is always a big one for bachelorette groups,” says Macleod. “It’s one of those very ‘Instagrammable’ photo opportunities.”

Also unlike typical bachelorette trips, Macleod mentions that CNC gives everyone the opportunity to mix and mingle with old and new friends alike. “What we try to do is foster it so people meet each other. You’ll make connections with other people, as well as feel stronger with the group that you’re in,” he explains. “We have 150 plus people at these events, so it’s not like a bachelorette party of 10, 15, 20 is by themselves. They’re integrating and meeting new people, which is great.”

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That’s not to say that you won’t get some quality time with your best gal pals on your own. “If your group is more than, say, 6 to 8 people, you’re getting your own bunk to yourself. Some parties dress up the bunks, they bring in things like piñatas and have their own little bridal showers in there, which is also kind of a cool, unique experience.”

And if you’re looking for a place where your future spouse can party with you, CNC is the perfect location. “We had a joint bachelor and bachelorette of 40 plus people come to one event, which was such an amazing thing,” Macleod remembers. “I don’t really know of many other experiences where that’s a possibility.”

“This is a one-size-fits-all option.” – Camp No Counselors

There’s no doubt that planning a bachelorette party can be stressful – coordinating schedules, sticking to budgets, and finding a location is often a tall order. That’s where CNC swoops in and solves all of your planning woes. “It’s all inclusive,” says Macleod. “It’s three nights’ accommodation, all the activities, all your food, all your snacks, and all your drinks from start to finish. You don’t have anything extra to pay for once you’re there. We do offer an additional bus ticket if people want to travel by our bus from the city, but even if they want to come park their car, it’s all included.”

Bridal parties won’t need to worry about fair pricing at CNC. “Everyone can book at separate times, but they’ll all pay the same amount of money and that’s it for the weekend. So one person’s not going to pay $1000 when another person pays $400. There’s no confusion or squabbling over who paid what or who owes who money.” Even better, CNC offers an additional discount when you mention BOLI!

Because of the variety at CNC, you can rest assured that every one in your bridal crew will be happy. “You go to a city, some people want to go paint balling, some people want to go to a certain type of bar, some people want to go to a certain type of restaurant,” Macleod observes. “You don’t have that here because everything’s taken care of and there are good options. We don’t have one kind of meal or one type of drink since we’re trying to cater to 150 people. So that suits everyone in a bachelorette group as well.”

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“This is a one-size-fits-all option,” says Macleod. “You actually get to enjoy everything rather than worrying about ‘Is everyone having a good time? Where are they? How much is this going to cost? Do we have to pay extra on flights and hotels and rounds of drinks?’ It literally eliminates all that stress.”

And most importantly, your group’s safety will never be a concern. “We have an on-site health professional and 24 hour security. Again, if you go to a city you always worry ‘did everyone make it home okay?’

We make sure everyone has an incredible weekend.”

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“It’s one of those experiences you can do again and again.” – Camp No Counselors

Just as we don’t really get the chance to relive our childhoods, we don’t often get the chance to relive our bachelorettes (and let’s be honest – for some of us, it may be better that way 😉 ). That’s not the case with a bachelorette weekend at Camp No Counselors. “It’s a really meaningful experience,” Macleod expounds. “You might decide to come back to these events in the future. Not even with another bachelorette party, but with your spouse, or your partner, or your best friend, or with other friends. It’s one of those experiences that you can do again and again.”