Fantasia Bridal to Retire

Owner Alicia LaGala will retire the store

Image courtesy of Fantasia Bridal

For many Brides of Long Island, the search for a perfect gown began and ended at local mainstay Fantasia Bridal – a 5,000 square foot space filled with popular designer gowns and passionate, professional consultants.

After nearly 20 years of watching countless brides say “yes” to the dress, owner Alicia LaGala has made the bittersweet decision to retire Fantasia Bridal. But not to worry – she’ll be using her vast expertise and talents to help the next generation of brides in an exciting and comprehensive way. And though Fantasia Bridal is retiring, all orders will be fulfilled.

Alicia’s history with Fantasia Bridal began in 2004, first as a presser, then consultant, and finally manager. But the store itself has been around a lot longer. “It was there years before me, before I even got there” Alicia said. “It was started by a Long Island family music band named ‘Fantasia’ that got into bridal and became Fantasia Bridal. I just had their grandchildren come up from Florida and purchase gowns!”

Image courtesy of Fantasia Bridal

After three years, Alicia purchased the store and it quickly became an integral part of her life. “I feel like I spent my adult years with Fantasia.”

Alicia treasures the relationships she’s made in the almost 20 years she’s spent at Fantasia’s helm. “A lot of good has come out of Fantasia,” she reminisced. “People in the community and their families have become friends of mine. We’ve been able to give back and we’re really lucky to have a great community.”  

“I’ll be transitioning to Raymond St. James [a BOLI Preferred Vendor], going into styling and concentrating on aspects of the whole wedding and the whole vision. I really want to slow down and understand everybody’s day. Fantasia is retiring, but I’m looking forward to joyfully continuing my work – with both my current clients and future brides. Our staff of many years will be going to the new location,” she said.

Image courtesy of Fantasia Bridal

She’s excited for this next chapter with the brides who walk through her doors. “I want to go back to knowing all my customers, and being involved in their day,” she described. “So yes I’ll be selling bridal gowns, but also styling. I’ve been doing this for so long that I really enjoy being a part of my customer’s whole day.”  

Since Fantasia Bridal will be retiring soon, Alicia is ready to sell remaining stock – at incredible prices. “I would like to sell everything that’s in the store,” she said. “So it’s really first come, first served. Our last day is May 31. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at Raymond St. James!”