How to Include Your Children in Your Wedding

Yes, they can be more than just a flower girl or ring bearer! Here’s how to include your children in your wedding day

Your kids are the center of your world, so it’s natural to want them there for one of the most important days of your life (aside from their birthday, of course). While most of us wouldn’t consider weddings to be particularly “child-friendly,” there are still plenty of ways to make your children feel like they’re a big part of the big day. Whether you dress them up in their bridal party best, or pull them out onto the dance floor for their very own dance, here’s how to include your children in your wedding. 

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Include them in your bridal party

Tapping your son or daughter for the bridal party is one of the most common ways to include your children in your wedding.  If they’re younger, having them take on a flower girl or ring bearer role is the natural choice. But that’s not your only option! Selecting your child to be a junior bridesmaid or junior groomsmen — or even a junior maid of honor or best man — is a great way to incorporate them into the festivities. As a member of the bridal party, your kids can hang out with you before the ceremony, strike cute poses for pictures, and walk the aisle in style before your big entrance. 

Do a “first look” with them

Many brides decide to do a “first look” with their fiancés, why not do the same thing with your kids? First looks with your children can be extremely heartfelt, allowing both of you to create a beautiful core memory together. And can we just talk about those photo ops?! Be sure to have tissues on hand when you get your teasers back. 

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Bring them on the dance floor

Your kids are great dancers — trust us, we know! Along with your first dance and parent dances, consider adding a dance with your children to the lineup. Choose a song that’s special to both of you, and let your little ones wow your guests with their moves. 

Let them make an entrance

Your bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents get entrances, so of course your children should get one too! Let your sons and daughters enter into your reception space all on their own, with a fun shout out from the DJ and maybe even their own accompanying music. 


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Mention them in your vows

Not only is your fiancé is marrying you, they’re also starting a “bonus family” with your children. Mentioning your kids during the vows is not only a way to include them in the wedding, but it’s a very meaningful way to signify their continued importance in your new lives together. 

Hire a vendor especially for them

Let’s be real — kids can get bored at weddings. And we totally understand why! Sitting around and watching a bunch of grown-ups sip cocktails and dance to music they’ve never heard can’t be all that interesting. Consider hiring a vendor specifically for their enjoyment — magicians, face painters, or character performers are all excellent options that will keep them engaged and entertained.  

Make them a part of your decor 

Ordering a custom cake topper? Pop your little ones into the silhouette! You can also use their pictures as a part of your table numbers, seating charts, or centerpieces. If they’ve got a few creative talents, ask them to make decor pieces that will liven up your reception space. DIY projects from your kids can add an extra special touch to your surroundings!

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