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“I want to be remembered for making you feel confident.” Jesella Beauty Brings Out Your Gorgeous Bridal Glow, Naturally

Tamara DeBlasio of Jesella Beauty believes in accentuating all of your stunning features

Image courtesy of Jesella Beauty

When it comes time to walk down the aisle, you will likely want to level up from your everyday look. But while a little extra contour and color is definitely desirable, most brides will still want to recognize themselves when they look in the mirror.

Tamara DeBlasio, owner and lead artist of BOLI Preferred Vendor Jesella Beauty, understands the important balance between executing that special wedding day glam, and enhancing the natural features that make you truly beautiful.

Image courtesy of Jesella Beauty

“I have an artistic energy, and I love to create things.” – Jesella Beauty

Tamara, of New South Wales, Australia, met her future husband during the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games. The pair later settled in the United States. “I worked for an interior design company in Sydney and had pursued a career in hospitality before that, so I was fully aware of how to provide great customer service,” she remembered. “When I moved to New York 18 years ago, I began working in a financial firm as an executive assistant. Once I had my first daughter, I felt like the job was stale and didn’t give me the creative outlet I craved.”

When Tamara’s second daughter was born, she started searching for a new career path. “I had a few friends that were diving into professional photography, and they suggested that I try my hand in makeup artistry. ’ I was always very focused on my own makeup and fresh looks so it made sense to explore that as a career. I decided to go to school at night to expand on my amateur base and found it really rewarding. From there, I launched my business which is named from a combination of my first and second daughters’ names, Jessica and Ella.”

After making a name for herself as a makeup artist, Tamara decided to expand her services. “I have an artistic energy, and I love to create things. After a couple of years in business, I felt like I could become a one-stop shop for brides and bridal parties. I was always pretty good at working with hair, so I joined several hair training seminars and classes in New York City to perfect the craft before adding hair to my portfolio.”

Image courtesy of Jesella Beauty

“It comes down to listening to the bride and what she wants.” – Jesella Beauty

Tamara is known for creating hair and makeup styles that bring out your inherent beauty. “A lot of people come to me for the natural look,” she said. “My thing is that I want to accentuate someone’s natural beauty without altering what they look like. I don’t want my brides to feel like they are not themselves on their special day. I want them to see the finished product and say, ‘Yes! I look like my best self and I feel awesome.” 

However, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t perfected more heightened styles. “Honestly, if you said ‘Let’s go glam!’ I’m ready to go glam. We can work together to be progressive and wild, if that’s what you want. Or we can keep it simple, natural.” 

So how does Tamara decide which direction to go? “It comes down to listening to the bride and truly understanding what she wants,” she explained. “I could tell you what to wear and decide on your makeup look, but at the end of the day, you have to drive the car to be comfortable.  The most important thing I can do is listen, offer guidance based on what I am hearing and we work together from there. It’s truly a collaboration.”

Image courtesy of Jesella Beauty

“We talk about what their vision is, and then go from there.” – Jesella Beauty

What happens when you book with Tamara and Jesella Beauty? “I strongly recommend pre-wedding trials, so you will know what to expect on the big day,” she offered. “We will talk about your vision, and go from there.” 

You’ll likely have a chance to show off your professional look, because Tamara does her best to schedule your trial around wedding-related or formal events in your life. “I try to book the trial around something special, like a bridal shower or engagement shoot, so you’re able to get feedback from friends and family if you choose.”  

And if you’re willing to travel, you could save a few bucks in your beauty budget. “I offer discounted trials in my home, so if you’re willing to come to West Islip, it’s very beneficial.” 

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“I love customer service.” – Jesella Beauty

As you begin your search for hair and makeup artists, there are a few qualities that Tamara thinks all brides should keep in mind. “Cleanliness, for starters, is the key. It is very important to run a sanitary work station,” she stressed. She also emphasized the significance of professionalism and communication. “I love customer service and I feel like it is in short order these days. But I think it’s something that is so valuable. Treating other people with respect, kindness and understanding where they’re coming from is something that’s very important to me. The bride shouldn’t feel like she can’t speak her mind. You need to feel comfortable, and I want to be remembered for making you feel confident.”

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“Enjoy the moment.” – Jesella Beauty

When it comes to planning your big day, Tamara has some key words of advice. “Take care of your body. Hydrate, and start a good skincare regimen,” she recommended. “When you’re not hydrated, your skin is dry and the makeup can look dry. You have to take care of your skin in order for the long-lasting makeup to sit well.”

And, of course, Tamara suggests taking the time to truly appreciate the day. “Enjoy every moment. It all goes so fast and it will not all go perfectly. That’s okay. Be prepared for a surprise or two and make the most of it. Ultimately, enjoy the day you’ve been planning for so long.”

Image courtesy of Jesella Beauty