Post-Wedding Anxiety? Yes, It’s Real. Here’s How to Deal With It.

Even if your wedding was great overall, it’s normal to fixate on the things that went wrong.

Once your wedding is over and you’ve begun to settle into married life, it can be easy to fall into a post-wedding funk. You may start to notice that you’re feeling anxious, thinking about things you could have done differently, or fixating on everything that went wrong that day. All of these are normal feelings for a bride. You spent the past several months (or even years) planning your big day. It’s a stressful process that takes a lot of energy, so it’s only natural to start overanalyzing your day after the fact. Thankfully, there are some things you can do to ease your post-wedding anxiety.

Recognize Your Feelings

You may find yourself pouring over the little details, just as you did while planning your wedding. This could cause feelings of sadness or anger towards your partner or friends. You may not be able to concentrate at work as you get back to reality. It’s important to recognize these feelings and explore their origins. Take some time for yourself to relax and de-stress.

Stay Off Social Media

OK – this one can be tough, but we all know we can go down rabbit holes on social media. Perhaps your friends haven’t posted any photos of your wedding, and it’s weeks later. Or maybe you posted some photos and didn’t get as much engagement as you had hoped.

Just stop! Don’t be so focused on social media. Remember the compliments you got on your wedding day, and how great it was to be surrounded by your loved ones. Just because it’s not on social media doesn’t mean it didn’t happen! It did, and it was perfect.

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Talk to Your Spouse

One of the best things about being married is the fact that you always have a sounding board. Use the opportunity during a quiet dinner to talk about your post-wedding anxiety. Perhaps there are things your spouse can suggest to ease your mind. Or, even better, you can talk through your thoughts and worries – and figure out ways to work through that anxiety together.

Look to the Future

Remember — you can’t go back in time. So instead of focusing on the past, look to your future. Think about smaller things like planning trips with your spouse, or bigger things like starting a family. Once you start focusing on the future, it should help to ease your post-wedding anxiety.

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Plan a Girls Night

Throughout wedding planning you had your bride tribe with you, every step of the way. Now that your wedding is over, everyone has fallen back into their old routines. So reach out to your friends and plan a girls night. Talk about anything and everything! And if your wedding comes up, open up about your post-wedding anxiety. They may have some ideas to help you through it.

Remember the Good Parts

When you start thinking about how you could have done things differently, take a breath and remember that what happened, happened. Every time you fixate on something that didn’t go as planned, think about something that did. You’ll most likely realize that there were far more wonderful moments than not-so-good ones.

Seek Professional Help

If you find that your post-wedding anxiety is affecting your daily life or lasting longer than you would like, you might want to seek some professional help. A mental health professional can help you understand your feelings and offer ways to manage stress and anxiety.

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You spent a lot of time and energy on your wedding, and it’s common to feel like there’s now a void in your life. Remember that no wedding day will ever go EXACTLY as planned. But you have a great support group — not only with your spouse, friends and family, but within Brides of Long Island. Acknowledge those feelings and talk it out with others who have either been through it.