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“Your Guests Will Have an Experience of a Lifetime.” Why Atlantis Banquets & Events Is the Perfect Fall Destination Wedding

You can turn your wedding night into a wedding weekend getaway for you and your guests at Atlantis.

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If you are looking to have a fall wedding, Atlantis Banquets & Events, a BOLI preferred vendor, has it all. Centrally located in Riverhead which was named a 2023 Forbes Advisor Top 50 Best International Places to Travel, right near all of the vineyards and farms, it can be the perfect destination wedding spot for you and your guests during fall harvest season without leaving the island.

From the beautiful river backdrop with fall foliage, to the unique and fun opportunities for pictures with sea lions, butterflies and penguins, Atlantis Banquets & Events really does have it all for the most picturesque wedding day. And if that’s not enough, the property is a resort right on Long Island, with a marina, two restaurants and three hotels – yes, three!

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Fall On the East End

As soon as you feel that cool, crisp breeze of fall, you are probably thinking about that PSL, warm sweaters and heading out to the East End of Long Island for some fall harvest fun. And if you want to get married in the fall, why wouldn’t you want your guests to enjoy that harvest fun your entire wedding weekend? “There’s so much to do that time of year in the area with the entertainment at the vineyards, farms and farm-to-table restaurants,” says Director of Sales Tony Cotignola. “Not only will your wedding be amazing, but your guests will walk away with an experience of a lifetime.”

Guests can stay at one of those three hotels – the Hyatt Place, the Preston House & Hotel, and the newly opened Howell House. During their stay, they can explore any of the vineyards and farms during the day and enjoy a farm-to-table meal at Preston’s. According to Tony, the owners of Atlantis Banquets & Events also own Raphael Vineyards, so a stop there is highly recommended. And if you’re unsure of where to send your guests, the Hyatt Place does offer a Grape Escape package that is a day trip to three vineyards with a voucher that can be used at one of three local restaurants.

(Photo courtesy of Marco Photography)

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Delicious Fall Dishes

During the fall months, Atlantis Banquets & Events has fall décor throughout the aquarium and ballroom. Brides can choose to have their wedding reception in either the Sea Star Ballroom or the Long Island Aquarium or both. They can also choose to have their ceremony outside with the sea lions or hold their cocktail hour under the stars. And don’t worry about those chilly months, as guests can stay warm under heaters that add to the ambiance of the season.

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When it comes to food, Director of Food and Beverage Daniel Lanieri says they offer some seasonal menus. Daniel explains that Atlantis Banquets & Events gets majority of its produce from local farms and purveyors on the East End. He adds that on their regular menu is always a seasonal fish. “Our chef will go out and speak with the fishermen on Long Island and find out what is seasonal and local at the time,” says Daniel. During the fall months, Daniel says it’s usually a black sea bass. One of his favorite fall seafood dishes? “Most recently, our chef had a very good black sea bass that he paired with local herbs and microgreens that we get from out here,” says Daniel. “It was a really, really good dish that stood out.”

Some other local produce that you might see on the fall menu at Atlantis Banquets & Events? “Butternut squash, pumpkin, roasted corn, apples even,” says Daniel. “You can make some savory dishes with apples, such as a delicious pork with an apple cherry sauce.” Daniel adds that dishes featuring apples are significantly better in the fall because it’s a higher quality of apples.

(Photo courtesy of Atlantis Banquets & Events)

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Upgraded Stations

With the farm-to-table fare at Atlantis Banquets & Events, and having most of the food locally sourced, it’s easy for them to switch up their menus and stations – specifically when it comes to the seasons. A popular cocktail hour station, according to Daniel, is the local craft beverage and food pairing station. “This is where the chef will create a custom menu that includes wines and beers from the area, and pair them with foods produced locally.” And if it’s the fall, particularly in November, Daniel says the chef will usually pair a local wine with a bay scallop – since they’re in season.

Other new stations are more interactive, Daniel says. In addition, Daniel says they’ve added some decadent to-go stations that are getting popular. Think chocolate chip cookies, churros, fried Oreos and more!


As Atlantis Banquets & Events worked to change up their menu and stations, Daniel says they focused on sustainability and being eco-friendly. “A lot of our seafood and the products we get from the farms are environmentally friendly and sustainable,” says Daniel. He adds that they partner with Seafood Watch, an organization that helps customers identify the best fish to purchase of the most sustainable choices.

In addition to the seafood, and adhering to Seafood Watch’s guidelines, Atlantis Banquets & Events makes sure that any of the products that are disposable are biodegradable. “Being part of the aquarium, it’s important that we’re focused on that,” says Daniel.

Brand New Howell House

Across the street from the aquarium and the Hyatt Place are two hotels – The Preston House & Hotel, which features a farm-to-table restaurant, and the brand new Howell House. Tony says that Preston’s is an upscale boutique hotel and restaurant that is perfect for your bridal party or rehearsal dinner.

But if you really want an exclusive experience, you can rent out the entire Howell House for your bridal party and/or family and guests! According to Tony, the Howell House features a living room, dining room and a separate room for your bridal party to get ready. It also has accommodations to sleep up to 12 people, including a two-bedroom suite on the top floor. “Brides and grooms can take over that house for a wedding weekend,” says Tony. “It’s a nice opportunity for the bride and groom and their families and friends.”

(Photo courtesy of Marco Photography)

Don’t Forget the Penguins

If this luxury, resort opportunity hasn’t convinced you to run, not walk to Atlantis Banquets & Events, then we need to remind you of the unique photo sessions! Yes, that’s right. You can take photos with penguins, sea lions, owls and butterflies! “The penguins are very popular. And they’re already dressed for the wedding!” says Daniel.

And if you’re looking for some excitement and something really unique, why not get married in the shark tank? Yes, that’s an option too. The possibilities for a unique, exclusive wedding weekend are endless at Atlantis Banquets & Events – not just for the fall, but all year round.

(Photo courtesy of Marco Photography)