What am I Forgetting? 11 Things That Should be on Your Last Minute Wedding Checklist

The big day is almost here! Don’t forget these “to-dos” on your last minute wedding checklist

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That wedding day countdown is nearing the single digits, and you’re only *slightly* freaking out – there seems to be an endless amount to accomplish in a very short period of time. But don’t worry BOLI, you’ve got this! To help keep you organized and focused, here are 11 things you should consider adding to your last minute wedding checklist:

1. Get your marriage license

Between dress fittings, vendor meetings, and bachelorette parties, it may be very easy to forget this (literally) essential wedding day must-have. If you haven’t gotten the legal paperwork squared away yet, be sure to make an appointment at your town clerk’s office soon. 

2. Make final payments to your vendors

If you’ve been on any type of payment plan with your vendors, make your final payments now. You don’t want to worry about remembering cash, checks, or Venmo payments when you’re in the middle of hair and makeup. Be sure to get receipts for any payments you’ve made, and leave copies with your bridal party or a trusted friend to keep with them on the wedding day – just in case.

3. Finalize your timeline

Ever heard that phrase “if you fail to plan, plan to fail?” Well, we wouldn’t go THAT far in regards to your wedding, but we can guarantee that things will be a lot less stressful if you create a timeline – even if it’s a bit loose. Schedule arrival and departure times for everyone (including yourself), photography times (especially if you’re doing a “first look,” or if you want to attend cocktail hour), and any other incidentals of your day (like if you have bridesmaids meeting vendors for pickup). Which brings us to our next reminder…

4. Confirm details with your wedding day team

Your vendors are total pros, so they’re used to keeping on tight schedules and ensuring all the details are in place. But for your own sake (and just to make sure everyone’s on the same page), confirm all your wedding day details. Double check that your DJ has the playlists, the photographer has the correct timeline, the florist has the right drop-off address, and the venue has the updated seating chart. 

Image courtesy of Patken Photographer

5. Purchase and wrap any bridal party, parent, or spouse gifts

 If you planned to get your girls an incredible thank you gift, now’s the time! Grab the gifts you’d like to get for your support system, and schedule a few hours for gift wrapping.

6. Decide on favors

Whether you’re looking for cute takeaways (like shot glasses, candles, or bottle openers) or you’re going the charitable donation route, solidify those plans now. If you’ve decided on a donation, make (or order!) signs or inserts that indicate what charity you’ve chosen and why.

7. Box up any decorations, and coordinate drop-off and pick-up times with your venue

You’re a DIY queen and have created TONS of cute decor for your wedding. Box it all up and coordinate when you can drop it off and pick it up from your venue. Be sure to include pack lists with each box – that will help to confirm you’ve gotten everything back! 

8. Assemble hotel bags

If you have a full hotel block, you may want to consider a welcome gift or hotel bag for your out-of-town guests. Take a day or two to organize and assemble their haul, recruiting help from your fiancé and bridal party if needed. But only if you want to – welcome bags can be ditched since most hotels have water, snacks, and common medications readily available for guests.

9. Prep tip envelopes

Your vendors have been AMAZING – don’t forget to tip! Get a package of envelopes and label them for each vendor, then entrust them to your MOH or another trusted member of your team. Don’t know what to tip? Check out BOLI’s Ultimate Tipping Guide!

10. Put together an emergency kit

Whether it’s a pair of spare contacts, some bobby pins and hairspray, or even a few tampons, gather items you might need at the last minute! Or ask one of your bridesmaids to put something together for you.

11. Commit to being present and in the moment

Once your day has arrived, you have one job: enjoy all of your hard work and celebrate marrying someone you love! Be sure to take a few moments with your new spouse and just be present. You’ll cherish having those moments in your memory forever.