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“We’re for the ‘every woman.’” Alli Murphy Photography Unveils New Bridal Boudoir Looks with an Open Call for Models

BOLI Preferred Vendor Alli Murphy Photography is changing the bridal boudoir game for 2024.

Photo courtesy of Alli Murphy Photography

There’s a reason why brides schedule boudoir shoots before their big days: a photo album full of sultry shots can serve as a scintillating gift for their spouse. But besides being a great wedding present, many women find that their boudoir sessions become an exciting celebration of their own inherent beauty, strength, and power.

BOLI Preferred Vendor Alli Murphy Photography is known for their innovative, adventurous, and boundary-breaking style of boudoir. Now, the renowned studio is premiering a fresh and revitalized look for their 2024 bridal shoots – and they want to feature you in their portfolio.

“This is different from anything else we’ve offered in the past.”

As the new year dawned, owner and lead photographer Alli Murphy decided to revamp her popular boudoir offerings. “We listened to a lot of what our brides were saying about making a bridal scene that was a little bit more light and airy,” she explained. “I had a concept in my head of wanting to create something that looked like a bridal suite. We’ve even built a flower wall and throne, with some whites and baby pinks, so we can get really fun pops of different colors. This is different from anything else we’ve offered in the past – it’s all really bright and airy and beautiful.”

Image courtesy of Alli Murphy Photography

In addition to a more ethereal style, the team also decided to set their scenes with a few more personalized touches. “We’re inviting brides to bring in their wedding gowns, or maybe a negligee or something like that, to have on display in the background of their images,” Alli described. “We’re also suggesting that brides bring a photo of themselves with their spouse that we can put in one of our cute picture frames, just to make the details a little more personal.”

The bridal boudoir scenes aren’t the only thing that AMP is updating for 2024. “We’ve reduced all of our pricing, and have also created packages that offer more or similar to what we had in the past,” she said. “My motto has always been ‘we’re for the “every woman”’, and I want to make sure that stands true. That’s why we made that decision.”

Image courtesy of Alli Murphy Photography

“Confidence is a beautiful thing to bring into your wedding day.”

It goes without saying that Alli loves working with brides-to-be. “They’re always excited,” she gushed. “It’s a really beautiful journey to be a part of. You see someone blossom from a young girl, taking this huge step in life and entering into their next chapter. And then you see them again for anniversaries and maternity shoots, it’s a really cool experience.”

And of course, Alli sees the benefits of a bridal boudoir shoot – aside from just being a spicy gift for your spouse. “Going into your wedding, I think one of the biggest things for most people is wanting to feel beautiful and happy,” she detailed. “You’re on display, and that might be nerve wracking for some people. A boudoir shoot gives you confidence and a glow that you can carry with you into your wedding. It’s fun, exciting, and empowering. Yes, the spouses always love it, but confidence is a beautiful thing to bring into your wedding day. And boudoir just really helps with that.”

Image courtesy of Alli Murphy Photography

“I want people to see all the new things that we have to offer.”

Eager to share their brand new bridal boudoir experience, the Alli Murphy Photography team is looking for a few models that want to show off their newly-engaged glow – and one of those models could be you.

“We’re doing an open call so that brides can understand what we’re all about,” Alli explained. “I want people to see all the new things that we have to offer.”

Image courtesy of Alli Murphy Photography

If you’ve never modeled before, that’s okay! AMP bridal boudoir models are only required to be over 21 years old, have the availability to shoot before March 31, be able to provide 4 lingerie or outfit options, pay a $100 fee for hair and makeup (which can be applied to a purchase if you choose to make one), and be willing to sign a model release (which can only include faceless shots if you prefer).   

In exchange, all bridal boudoir models will receive a complimentary photo shoot, a makeover from AMP’s professional stylists, use of all scenes, set ups, and props, high-resolution digital files of two images, and $100 off anything from the a la carte menu or $500 off any signature collection.

Image courtesy of Alli Murphy Photography

“We understand that not everyone has the budget to do a full boudoir shoot,” she said. “Our model call gives brides that opportunity. You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to. You still get the two complimentary images, and can choose to buy other images if you’d like.”

Ready to heed the Alli Murphy Photography call? Click here to apply for a bridal boudoir slot!

Image courtesy of Alli Murphy Photography