“The Possibilities Are Endless Here:” A Look Inside Alli Murphy Photography’s Boudoir Manor

AMP’s Gold Coast mansion headquarters will offer a jaw-dropping location for shoots – and so much more

Image courtesy of Alli Murphy Photography

On September 9th, a new era for Alli Murphy Photography (a BOLI preferred vendor) was triumphantly ushered in, with an epic event that brought together influencers, musicians, the area’s top vendors and artisans, and of course Alli Murphy and her team of talented photographers. 

The soft opening of “Boudoir Manor” –  a 6,000 foot Gold Coast mansion located on a picturesque estate  – introduced AMP’s sprawling new home, featuring a sunlit Great Room, a master suite, several themed rooms, a working shower for water scenes, and even a few equine neighbors. 

“We kind of outgrew our former space a while ago, but it had a lot of character and it was hard to find something that was just perfect,” said Elizabeth Woodward, Alli Murphy Photography’s marketing director. “This happened to fall into our laps at the right time. There’s so much more that we can do with this space. The possibilities are endless here.” 

Image courtesy of Alli Murphy Photography

And in just a few hours at Boudoir Manor, one could see so many of those possibilities – from a romantic shoot in the mint-hued Great Room, to a sunny outdoor setting underneath a ivy-coated pergola, to some scintillating scenarios in an interior space dedicated to BDSM fantasy. 

“We’ve always had a bright and airy feel, and now we’re able to offer a little bit more of an editorial feel as well,” said owner and lead photographer Alli Murphy. “Some of the pictures that we’ve been producing from here literally look like they could be in Vanity Fair. And that’s what we’re most excited about, to offer an experience that’s a level up.”

On the subject of “leveling up,” Boudoir Manor will not only be home to AMP’s studio, but will also be a space for future events and workshops. “We’re always asking our clients what they want to see, what they want to do,” Elizabeth explained. “So that really helped shape the space and will continue to, going forward.”

Image courtesy of Alli Murphy Photography

The soft opening allowed everyone on the AMP team to welcome top influencers and industry professionals to the studio’s new home. Thanks to efforts by Drive Up DJs, Charcuterie Babe, The Bubbly Bar, The Sweet Life LI, Diva Dinners, singer/songwriter Tom Moran, and Good Vibes & Great Pleasure, Manor guests were treated to tours of the mansion, a few edible delicacies, an energizing soundtrack, and the opportunity to create stunning content. 

“I love working with Alli, it’s a great vibe,” said Ivan Galarza of Drive Up DJs. “I’ve done a couple of events with her, and I’m always looking forward to working with her.” Jessica Sidle of Good Vibes and Great Pleasure echoed the sentiment. “This is such a great place to really get together and just be open and talk about really anything,” she said. “Everyone is so welcoming and friendly, and the photography just boosts everyone’s confidence.”

Ivan Galarza of Drive up DJs. Image courtesy of Alli Murphy Photography

For influencer Amber Diaz, Boudoir Manor provided a gorgeous space to try something new. “Everywhere is beautiful,” she effused. “I took pictures upstairs and in the Great Room. We got some amazing shots from the piano as well. I really love the outside, everything is gorgeous. Alli reached out to me before and I was too nervous at the time, but everyone here makes you feel so comfortable. I’m happy I finally did a shoot, I wouldn’t wait again.”

Influencer Amber Diaz. Image courtesy of Alli Murphy Photography

Boudoir shoots have long been considered a perfect wedding day gift for your fiancé, but many brides are often intimidated by the idea. “Once you step in front of that camera, we treat every client the same,” assured Alli. “We make sure everyone feels beautiful. When I first started doing this, I thought ‘what a sexy gift for your significant other.’ But really, it’s something that changes your perspective on yourself. When you look at yourself through someone else’s eyes, which is really what the camera is, you can say ‘Damn, I look good.’”

Image courtesy of Alli Murphy Photography

Even if taking pictures in lingerie isn’t your thing, Boudoir Manor can provide the backdrop to exactly the kind of photo shoot you envision.  “It’s not just about traditional boudoir anymore,” Elizabeth elaborated. “This space really lends itself to all comfort levels. It’s conducive for a small scale, intimate shoot for you and your fiancé. If you have a fandom, if you have special interests or you want to bring in, say, your fiancé’s car, all of that can be done. Whatever you are into, whatever your heart desires, we can make it happen here.”

Image courtesy of Alli Murphy Photography

And if what your heart desires is a scenic locale for first looks or small elopements, AMP’s Boudoir Manor is a perfect spot. “We’re starting to offer more stylized shoots, where brides can bring their gowns and get some beautiful and unique shots in the space,” Elizabeth mentioned. “For brides who were unhappy with how their wedding pictures turned out, or for brides who were forced to cancel their weddings due to the Covid pandemic, Boudoir Manor gives them another opportunity to capture some truly stunning photos in their dresses.”

Image courtesy of Alli Murphy Photography

Every Alli Murphy Photography experience includes the 3-hour session with hair and makeup, complimentary glass of champagne, use of the client closet, access to all scenes and setups , the seasonal theme of the month, wardrobe consultation, professional editing, and a 1.5-hour full-screen reveal session. 

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Image courtesy of Alli Murphy Photography