Attending a Wedding? Don’t Make These Social Media Mistakes

These social media etiquette tips will make you the best wedding guest.

Weddings are such a fun time – we get to celebrate the happy couple and share in their special day. So it’s only natural that we’d want to post some great content from their wedding to our socials. But we need to remember – it’s our friend or family member’s big day, not ours.

Some couples may choose to keep their wedding intimate, which could mean staying off social media entirely. Here are some ways to avoid making these social media mistakes.

Mind the Signs

Oftentimes, couples will post signs if they want an unplugged ceremony. Make sure to adhere to this rule, as it’s important to the couple that their guests be fully present. Besides, by putting your phones away, you won’t block the professional photographers as they capture the special moments.

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Don’t Live Stream

Unless you’re asked by the bride and groom, do NOT live stream any portion of their wedding day. This means everything – not even that fun flash mob that happened.

Don’t Post Without Permission

This goes along with live streaming. Don’t post any photos you take unless the bride and groom have given the OK. If you’re not sure, wait until after the big day and ask their permission. But respect their privacy if they still say no.

Don’t Make Your Own Announcement

Don’t steal anyone’s thunder! If you have your own announcement, let it wait until at least a few days after the wedding. This is their day, and they’ve worked hard (and probably spent a lot of money) to put everything together. It’s important to be mindful of outshining them.

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Avoid Unflattering Photos

If you get the go-ahead to post photos on social media, make sure the bride and groom look their best. In fact, try to use photos where everyone looks their best. Avoid publishing any unflattering photos.

Keep Comments Positive

Once you’ve posted photos or messages about the wedding, monitor any comments. You want to make sure everything written is positive, as it’s a joyous occasion.

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Use the Hashtag

If you’re ready to share, check if there’s a hashtag for the wedding. If there is, make sure to use it! This way, the bride and groom can look back on all those great memories.

The most important thing is that you’re sharing content in celebration of two people starting their next chapter. Photos are great, but memories last a lifetime. So put your phone down, get out on the dance floor and enjoy every second of this special day.