Dress Regrets? When You Should Consider Getting a Different Gown

If you have buyer’s remorse, here are some reasons to consider getting a different wedding dress.

It’s a moment most brides look forward to: gathering their bride tribe (or maybe just a good friend or loved one) and trying on wedding gowns. Shopping for a gown is definitely an experience. And we all wait for that moment when we walk out and everyone shouts ‘that is THE ONE.’ It might even bring tears to our eyes as we picture ourselves meeting our future spouse for a first look or at the altar in this gorgeous gown.

We can all get caught up in that moment as we say ‘yes to the dress.’ Sometimes though, as we wait months for our gown to arrive and for our first fitting, we might get “dress regret.” Don’t worry! If you have a little bit of buyer’s remorse, for whatever reason, you’re not alone.

What can you do if you have second thoughts on your wedding gown? First, you should really think about why you feel regretful. Next, you should think about your options and what you’d like to do about it. Before you go running to another bridal salon, here’s when you should consider getting a different gown.

You Don’t Feel Comfortable

Did you get an A line dress, but now you realize you’d really like a mermaid or ball gown? Think about the reason why though. Is it that you’d really love a different style, or do you not feel comfortable in the gown that you got? If comfort is your reason, you might want to consider getting a different gown.

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It’s Not What You Thought

When you order your gown, you can get caught up in the day. It can be an overwhelming experience. And let’s face it – sometimes when we go back for that first fitting, the dress isn’t what we remembered. Maybe you wanted straps added to a strapless gown, and it’s not what you envisioned. If you just can’t picture yourself wearing the gown your entire wedding day, it could be a reason to consider a different gown.

You Fell In Love With Another Dress

Sometimes, when we wait so long for our dress to come in, we can’t help but do a little window (or online) shopping. And we may fall in love with another gown. Sure, you might be able to push those second thoughts away, but if you can’t stop obsessing over this new gown, you might want to listen to that little voice.

You Change Your Mind

Sometimes, you just change your mind. And that’s OK. We’re allowed to change our mind on anything we want for our wedding – including our wedding gown. But again, you should still dig deep to figure out why you changed your mind before you consider getting a different gown.

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So, what do you do if you can’t stop thinking about your dress regret? There’s pretty much no return policy on wedding gowns – especially when they are custom-made for you. If you feel regret immediately, try contacting the shop to cancel your order. Make sure to read over return policies, and know the allowable timeframes to cancel your order. If it’s too late to cancel, you could consider selling your original gown and using that money for something different.

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With the price of wedding gowns, it’s hard to just get a different one – that’s probably not something you’ve included in your budget. Before you look for a new dress, get a second opinion from someone you trust. Perhaps they’ll see something amazing about the dress that you didn’t notice. You could also consider making tweaks to the gown that might make it more in line with what you envisioned. If you truly can’t picture yourself wearing the gown for your entire wedding day, think about getting a second gown to change into for your reception.

Only you know what you’re feeling, so it is important to go with your gut about your wedding gown. Don’t worry about what others may think, as it is your day and you want to be able to look and feel your best.