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Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks Takes the Hotel Block Planning Stress Away With Free Services

With just one phone call, LM Media Worldwide/Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks can secure lodging for your guests.

If just the thought of trying to figure out hotel blocks makes you want to give up, look no further than BOLI Preferred Vendor LM Media Worldwide/Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks. This completely free service has been helping brides all over the country for the past 10 years. Their expert consultants literally take all of the work out of your hotel block planning.

How Does It Work?

Alexa Guadagno, LM Media Worldwide/Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks sales manager, explains that once a bride calls them with initial information about what they’re looking for in a hotel block, their representatives do the rest. “Once we know the wedding date and location, we make the calls to the hotels to find out rates and what amenities they offer, such as a honeymoon suite, bar for an afterparty, etc.,” says Guadagno. All of the hotel information is put into a spreadsheet and sent to the brides within three to five business days from that initial phone call. “And then I help them narrow it down based on what the brides are looking for. Yes, it’s great to have seven good offers, but I highlight the two or three that maybe offer a great suite. And we answer any other questions they may have.”

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Once the bride selects a hotel that meets her needs, Guadagno says a contract is drawn up. LM Media Worldwide/Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks representatives read over that contract to make sure everything looks good. “We definitely look over the fine print. We’re the industry experts, and we know what to look for to protect our brides,” Guadagno says. Once the contract is signed, Guadagno says she puts the brides in touch with the hotels, which will provide them with either a weblink or a code for their block.

Is It Really Free?

“It truly is a free service,” says Guadagno. LM Media Worldwide/Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks representatives work hard to take that stress off the shoulders of their brides. “Most of these brides have never booked a hotel block before. We’re here to educate them, and guide them through the process, by doing all of the research for them.”

Guadagno explains they are able to provide free services because they are licensed meeting planners that have relationships with the hotels. The hotels pay LM Media Worldwide/Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks when rooms in hotel blocks get booked.

Not only is it free, but brides who use the services of LM Media Worldwide/Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks could get some perks, such as a lower rate, a bottle of champagne or a suite upgrade. “We have an excellent relationship with the hotels that we partner with for brides. And there are plenty of hotels that do offer extra perks because they’re working with us.” Guadagno adds that any sort of perks depend on the hotel, time of year and availability.

What Are the Hotels Like?

The hotels are based on the location of the wedding. Guadagno says her area of expertise is Long Island hotels. “I go and visit the hotels. I talk to the hotels daily to find out what sort of deals they are offering, if anything has changed and any other information our brides need to know.” Knowing that LM Media Worldwide/Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks representatives have actually been to the hotels creates a peace of mind for brides that they are getting the best service available. “They can really trust that we know what we’re talking about when we provide hotel information.”

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How Far in Advance Should I Call?

Guadagno suggests brides call around 12 to 15 months away from their wedding date. “If you call us too far out, we will take down your information and follow up as it gets closer to your wedding date, and when the hotels open their inventory rates.”

And don’t worry if you think it’s too late to call for a hotel block. Guadagno says she has helped brides within six weeks of their weddings. While she doesn’t recommend waiting until the last minute, she understands that sometimes things happen. “I try really hard to get the best rates and hotels for our brides.”

What Is the Affiliation with Kleinfeld?

LM Media Worldwide/Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks is a women-owned company, run by CEOs Laura Krueger and Michelle Donson. They have over 30 years experience in the hotel industry. Donson explains that LM Media Worldwide has a 10-year partnership with Kleinfeld Bridal to operate and use their name for all bridal room blocks.

“When working with brides, we do business under the Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks name,” says Donson. “They’re such a reputable company, and it’s so great to be partners with them to offer these free services for brides,” adds Guadagno. And brides do not need to purchase anything at Kleinfeld Bridal to utilize the services.

Are There Any Other Services Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks Offers?

Yes. For one, LM Media Worldwide/Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks isn’t just for Long Island hotels. In fact, Guadagno says she recently worked with brides to plan hotel blocks in Spain and London. LM Media Worldwide also helps plan other events, such as reunions, a corporate retreat and so much more. “We even have a part of our business that can source venues, not just hotel blocks.”

And they team up with Liberty Travel for honeymoon services too. “Once I connect brides with their hotels, I always send a follow up email with information on our honeymoon planning service.”

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LM Media Worldwide/Kleinfeld Hotel Blocks truly cares about their brides and wants to make sure they have all of their hotel needs met – be it for their wedding day, wedding night, wedding weekend and beyond. “Brides have so much to worry about when planning a wedding. If we could take just one aspect of that stressful planning away from them and do all the work, then we’ve done our job. Brides need to be able to truly enjoy their wedding.”