4 Unique Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Fiancé

Stumped for Valentine’s day? Take a look at these unique gift ideas!


Your fiancé gave you one of the best gifts you’ll ever receive – that stunning bling on your finger! You may feel like anything you give pales in comparison to that shiny rock, but don’t worry – with Valentine’s Day just on the horizon, we have a few special, out-of-the (ring) box ideas that will make your fiancé smile. Here are 5 unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for your fiancé:

Photo courtesy of Seaweed and Diamonds

1. A book of pictures they’ll love (trust us)
You’ve taken plenty of pictures with your fiancé, and on your wedding day you’ll take a million more. But maybe your fiancé would like some shots of you that are of a more private nature ;). BOLI’s preferred boudoir photographers are the best in the business. Maven Jade, Alli Murphy, Seaweed & Diamonds, A Vital Beauty, and Anne-Marie Kristin Photography can all bring out the sexy in ways that might surprise you!

Photo courtesy of Nydiarose

2. A few lessons that’ll turn those two left feet into dancing shoes
You love your fiancé, but sometimes their moves on the dance floor leave a little to be desired. Give BOLI preferred vendors Xtreme Rhythm, Dance Reverie, or FAME Theatrical Honey’s Dance a call! A few lessons, and you’ll both be ready for that first dance.

3. An epic winter getaway
Valentine’s Day is great, but the winter is a drag. And with wedding planning being so stressful, it may be time for a little vacation! Give BOLI preferred honeymoon specialists Melissa at Tripguy Travel, You and Me by the Sea, Crafty Getaways or Luxury Travel by Maria a call! Yes, they can book you the perfect honeymoon AND a winter getaway.

Photo courtesy of Gagné Lingerie

5. A new outfit for you, a real gift for your fiancé
If you’ve been feeling like your lingerie drawer has gotten a little empty, visit BOLI preferred vendors Gagné Lingerie. Sure, you’ll find some nice new pieces for yourself (and maybe a few items you can use for that first present we mentioned), but those choices will REALLY be something your fiancé will enjoy! 😉