7 Ideas for Your Wedding Morning

The big day has finally arrived! Make the start of it special with these 7 ideas for your wedding morning

a group of women on a wedding morning

Image courtesy of Heather Jean Photography

All the planning and prep has lead you to this moment — your wedding day! Now all that’s left to do is get ready, walk down the aisle, and have the best celebration ever. 

The “getting ready” part of your day should be fun, too! Here are 7 ideas for your wedding morning, sure to get your whole crew pumped for the amazing day ahead.

1. Nosh from a grazing table

You’ve got a long day ahead, so make sure you grab a good breakfast! A grazing table with fresh fruit, meats, and cheeses will give you energy and keep you satiated until cocktail hour. Plus, the artistry and detail of your table will make for some great first pictures. BOLI Preferred Vendor Charcuterie Babe creates custom tables and boards that are as beautiful as they are delicious.

Image courtesy of Bernard Alexis Photography

2. Jam to an epic playlist

Poll your bridal party on their favorite tunes and make the ultimate wedding day playlist. Whether you’re going for a 90’s hip hop vibe or a collection of boy band greatest hits, these songs will get your girls up and dancing (once they’re done with their makeup, that is).

3. Hand out bridal party gifts

Your bridal party has been by your side through thick and thin. Take some time before everyone walks the aisle to show your appreciation! It’ll be just like Christmas morning, with more hairspray.

4.  Have a “first look” with your bridal party

A “first look” with your fiancé will be a beautiful moment, but we think your bridal party deserves a special surprise too! Present your bridal glam to your besties in grand fashion — and get some amazing pictures in the process!

Image courtesy of Nicole Parker Photography

5. Plan a game night…err, morning

Truth is, there will probably be a bit of downtime the morning of your wedding. Fill the minutes with a some fun! Tell your bridesmaids to bring their favorite board games, a deck of cards, or interactive app-based games. 

6. Clear your mind

You never miss your weekly Yoga class, why would you let a little thing like your wedding stop you? (Just kidding 😂 ). In all seriousness, if Yoga or light exercise does wonders for your mood, it might be possible to fit a mini-session into your morning. Drag your girls out of bed and have them join you in the hotel conference room. 

7. Create some content

Remember that downtime we mentioned? You can also use it to make some killer content! Try out the latest TikTok trend or start editing an epic wedding day reel. Don’t want to create the content on your own? Hire a pro instead! BOLI Preferred Vendors Empire Content Creation, Slick Creations, or Here Comes the Content are perfect for the job. 

Image courtesy of Life Art Photographers