It’s a Cowboy Black Tie Wedding for “Yellowstone” Actors Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison

The pair started dating during season three of the hit show, and married in May 2024 at the bride’s family home in Texas.

Image via Instagram @hassieharrison

When two actors star in a popular western-themed show, it’s only fitting that their wedding is a ‘cowboy black tie’ affair. Yellowstone actors Ryan Bingham and Hassie Harrison got married last month at Harrison’s family home in Texas.

In a Vogue article, Harrison explained that while their characters, Walker and Laramie, are romantically linked on the show, it wasn’t love at first sight in real life. “My mom met Ryan at a charity event in Dallas during a production break, and when she realized we had a lot in common, she encouraged him to call me.” They started dating during season three of the show in 2023.

Once engaged, the couple told Vogue they knew they wanted to have the ceremony and reception at her family home in Dallas. “Ryan and I wanted to create a heartfelt day centered around emotions, comfort and intimacy with the people we love the most,” Harrison explained.

With the help of Nathan Johnson from Gro Floral and Event Design, and the help of her family, they created the perfect day. “Every choice was a reflection of us, and getting to witness it all come to life was incredible,” she said. The theme was elegant Western and featured tones of worn leather, delicate lace, and a soft, blush color palette. Because she couldn’t decide between two wedding dresses, she wore both – a Galia Lahav and a Netta BenShabu. The groom wore a tuxedo by Kiton that Crawford Brock at Stanley Korshak tailored.

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The wedding weekend kicked off with a “cowboy cocktail welcome night” at the Crescent Club in downtown Dallas, which they turned into an old-time Western bar, Harrison told Vogue. Their wedding party featured Harrison’s three sisters and Bingham’s oldest friends, as well as his three children and their dog. For the ceremony held in the family’s home, the bride wore the Galia Lahav dress. She changed into the shorter Netta BenShabu dress for the reception which took place under a tent designed as a nod to Gruene Hall: Texas’s oldest dance hall, according to Vogue.

After the reception, which featured classic Texas cuisine, the couple surprised their guests with a ‘cosmic cowboy’ after-party in the backyard where Harrison changed into a third dress, also by Netta BenShabu. “I really wanted a dress that was fun to dance in—and this one was probably the most Western of them all, with fringed tassels embellishing the hem,” she told Vogue. “We paired it with a white cowboy hat and cowboy boots.”

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And because the couple wanted to continue partying into the wee hours of the morning, they drove off in a Cadillac Coupe Deville, circled the block, snuck back into Harrison’s family home, and spent the rest of the night with their wedding party. “We kept the celebration going into the wee hours, dancing in my family’s living room. It was the perfect ending to a perfect night—and honestly, we couldn’t have imagined it any better.”

Image via Instagram @yellowstone

In Brides of Long Island’s Monthly “Mrs.” series, we profile some of our members’ unforgettable weddings. This month, we spoke with Kiera and Felicita about how The Inn at New Hyde Park made their dream wedding come true.

(Photo courtesy of Silverfox Studios)

These two brides originally wanted to have a small wedding with close family and friends. But as the guest list grew and pandemic restrictions lifted, they knew that a wedding at The Inn at New Hyde Park, a BOLI Preferred Vendor, was the perfect way to celebrate their union and love.

A Match Made to Last

Kiera and Felicita first met in 2012, after Superstorm Sandy, in a support group. They were paired up as partners, and their friendship blossomed into something more. Four years later, Kiera proposed to Felicita during a dinner date. “They proposed on a random Tuesday! They told me to get dressed up nice, and we went to Seasons 52,” says Felicita. “For some reason, I thought they were going to break up with me. But then they proposed, and I was so surprised! It was such a sweet moment.”

A few months later, though, Felicita wanted to propose to Kiera. “It was the coldest day!” Kiera says. Felicita took Kiera to Flushing Meadow Park in Queens. She led a blindfolded Kiera to a table with flowers for them, set up by her niece and nephew. “It was funny because my nephew was supposed to come out with the ring when I told Kiera they were my rock, but he didn’t hear me at first, so I kept repeating it until he heard,” recalls Felicita. Both proposals were very different, but perfect for the pair.

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A Longer Engagement

The couple wanted to get married in 2016 immediately following their engagement, but ended up waiting until Kiera finished her undergraduate and graduate programs. Then the pandemic hit. “We were kind of pandemic brides throughout our planning process,” says Kiera. They booked The Inn at New Hyde Park in December 2020 for their Nov. 12, 2021 wedding. “That’s the date we met in group therapy for the first time,” says Kiera.

As they started to plan their wedding, Kiera says that photography was really important to them. A few months before their wedding, their original photographer had to move out of state, and they had to scramble to find someone new. Luckily, Silverfox Studios, a BOLI preferred vendor, was available.

For Felicita, making sure her bride got the wedding of her dreams was important. However, she was thrilled that The Inn provided a wedding planner for them. “I knew once I met her, that things would be okay and Kiera would get everything she wanted,” said Felicita. When their planner Julia asked if there was anything Felicita would need during the reception, “I jokingly said that I would love a brownie,” she laughs. “And would you know? There was a brownie waiting for me on the table on our wedding day!”

(Photo courtesy of Silverfox Studios)

Expert Service

That brownie wasn’t the only thing that the Inn provided for the couple. “They really went above and beyond for us,” Kiera says. “Since Felicita doesn’t drink, they made sure to provide Heineken Double Zero for her. We really appreciated that.” They added that they weren’t even aware of the few hiccups that happened behind the scenes, as The Inn handled everything expertly. “You could feel Julia’s presence throughout the night, just making sure everything was perfect for us,” says Felicita.

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Fun Extras added to the Party

A live painter was something fun that the women wanted for their wedding reception. “Our live painter is a friend from work, and it was cool to see her work throughout the night,” says Kiera. They incorporated their pets – two dogs and a cat – into their customized cake topper. “We also chose to wear the same scent that day,” says Felicita. “And it’s a perfume we wear together on special occasions to remember our wedding day.”

The showstopper of the night, though? Their musical entertainment. Kiera’s father gifted the pair with the band BonJourney – a Bon Jovi and Journey cover band – for their wedding. “My high school music teacher formed the band when I was in high school, so I’ve known them for years,” Kiera explains. Kiera’s former teacher also performed with their second band of the evening, SoulMates. “I have a music background, and music is really important to my whole identity,” they explain. “So, we had a band, DJ and then another band. “The music was awesome. Everyone was dancing the whole night. It really was phenomenal.”

(Photo courtesy of Silverfox Studios)

The Perfect First Look

When asked about their ‘wow’ moment of the night, Felicita says it was their first look, hands down. “When I turned around to see Kiera, my jaw just dropped. They were absolutely gorgeous,” says Felicita. “I was just so full of joy to be able to see how beautiful they were. To be able to look into their eyes, it was such a blessing.”

A funny moment? Felicita wore the same jumpsuit as Melania Trump. “It was a complete accident,” explains Kiera. “She bought the jumpsuit, and we’re watching the election of 2020, and realized she bought the same outfit that Melania was wearing.” When asked if she wanted to change it? “Absolutely not, it was mine first!” says Felicita.

(Photo courtesy of Silverfox Studios)

As far as advice for other BOLIs, Kiera suggests getting an extended cocktail hour if it’s offered at your venue. “If you don’t want to miss your cocktail hour, get that extension, it’s totally worth it!” they say. Felicita recommends supporting your future spouse throughout the planning process. “I had no clue how to go about planning, but when I realized that my fiancée knew exactly what they wanted, I let them take the lead and offered advice and opinions when I thought it was needed.” At the end of the day though, they both recommend being honest with each other, and speaking up throughout the planning process to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Venue: The Inn at New Hyde Park, a BOLI Preferred Vendor
Photographer: Silverfox Studios, a BOLI Preferred Vendor
DJ: Diamond Cut Productions
Bands: SoulMates and BonJourney
Florist: Pedestals
Hair: Be Beautiful Bridal by Isabelle
Makeup: Makeup by Mariel
Invitations: Seek-a-Design
Dress: Kleinfeld’s
Jumpsuit: Adrianna Pappell
Bridesmaid Dresses: David’s Bridal
MOB Dress: Bridal Reflections, a BOLI Preferred Vendor
Bridesmen Suits: Macy’s Manhasset
Live Painter: Jordana Sklover Art
Cake Topper: Etsy

Millie Bobby Brown married Jake Bongiovi in a private ceremony surrounded by family

Image via Instagram, @milliebobbybrown

This wedding’s an 11 out of 10! People magazine recently reported that Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown, 20, wed Jake Bongiovi, 22, in a private ceremony. The couple plan to have a larger shindig later this year. 

Bongiovi’s father, rock legend Jon Bon Jovi, said during an appearance on BBC’s The One Show that the pair are “absolutely fantastic.” He followed with “it was a very small family wedding, and the bride looked gorgeous, and Jake is happy as can be. It’s true.”

Image via Shutterstock/Fred Duval

Brown announced their engagement on April 11, 2023 via Instagram, where the couple initially met. The post included a black and white photo of Brown and Bongiovi captioned with a Taylor Swift lyric: “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, I want ’em all.” 

In the summer of 2023, Brown and Bongiovi celebrated their engagement with a small party. Celebrity hairstylist Pete Burkill shared a few photos of the event, which featured  the star in a white, lacy two-piece ensemble alongside glowing neon sign that read “Mr. & Mrs. Bongiovi.”

Image via Instagram, @PeteBurkill



She will resume wedding gown design and remain at the helm of footwear brand She is Cheval

Image via Hayley Paige Gutman, @allthatglittersonthegram

After a grueling legal battle that lasted three and a half years, Hayley Paige can finally walk the aisle once more.

“I am Hayley Paige!” The exuberant designer exclaimed in an Instagram reel released this morning, announcing that she has regained the rights to her social media accounts, intellectual property, and even use of her own name. 

Hayley Paige — whose full name is Hayley Paige Gutman — was sued by former employer JLM Couture after announcing her resignation from the company in 2020. According to the complaint, JLM Couture contractually owned Gutman’s Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest accounts under the usernames “@misshayleypaige.” At that time, she was banned from using her own name publicly and professionally, and JLM Couture was given sole ownership of Gutman’s social media accounts, their content, and her previous work. 

But as of this morning, those legal disputes have been settled and Hayley Paige can be “Hayley Paige” again.

“I feel like a kid on Christmas,” said Gutman. “I’m proud to share that I’ve recently and solely acquired the entire IP portfolio of Hayley Paige. This includes the entirety of my designs, catalogues of work, trademark copy right domains, any other forms of intellectual property…this is something I never thought expected to be reunited with let alone own.”

Image via Hayley Paige Gutman, @allthatglitteronthegram

After thanking her legal team, supporters, family and fiancé, Gutman clarified that she is no longer under a non-compete and will be re-entering the bridal gown industry soon. She also clarified that her footwear brand She is Cheval is “still alive and kicking in rhinestone boots,” and teased that “matching shoes and dresses” will be in the designer’s future. 

“As for what you can call me, the choice is yours,” Gutman continued. “I feel privileged in having been able to share my story with you over the past few years, and to have it land so understandingly in your hearts has meant the world to me.”

Ditch those spreadsheets and plan your wedding with one easy-to-use app.

Guest lists, vendor contracts, payment plans, seating charts, OH MY! You’ve probably created spreadsheet upon spreadsheet, not to mention all of the appointments, emails, texts and calendar reminders. But now, you can ditch the old way planning your wedding thanks to the new app Ring Leader. From connecting with your vendors to messaging your bride tribe or guests, Ring Leader will completely transform your wedding planning experience.

Bridging the Gap

Created by BOLI founder Heather Cunningham (with lots of input from brides like you!) Ring Leader bridges the gap between engaged couples and their vendors.

You probably have some vendors that email you, some that text and one that even wants to call you! Ring Leader lets you speak to everyone on your vendor team in one place, without actually speaking to anyone on the phone. With Ring Leader, you’re able to browse vendors, check their availability, book them on the spot, and communicate with them while planning your wedding – all in the app.

Ditch the Paper

Generate your own personal wedding QR code for your guests to view your invite and RSVP. You can send the code directly to your guests, or print it out to include in your invitations for a quick and easy way to respond. Not only does this save you some anxiety about getting those RSVP cards back, but it also saves you time and money on stamps!

Plus, once those guests have RSVP’d you can easily generate a seating chart based on categories you create through Ring Leader. You no longer have to pull out your whiteboard and start moving Post-Its around! Just create groups (like sorority sisters, work friends, etc.), and let Ring Leader work its magic to make your seating chart.


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Communicate With Guests

Have a sudden change of plans, like moving your ceremony indoors due to weather? Don’t worry about texting everyone – just pull up the Ring Leader app and send custom, time-sensitive (and even fun) messages to your entire guest list.

And let’s not forget about that fancy seating chart that you let Ring Leader dream up! Message guests their seating assignments from the app and ditch those expensive place cards.

Manage Payments & Appointments

Schedule all of your appointments with your vendors directly from the app – and don’t forget to sign up for those reminders! Plus, you can sync Ring Leader with your Google Calendar to avoid double booking appointments and meetings.

Now, let’s talk about contracts and payments. Ditch those tired folders and completely transform your wedding planning by storing everything in Ring Leader. Vendors can send you documents and contracts through the app, plus you can upload your own digital copies of any paperwork.

And let’s face it: with all of the moving parts of wedding planning, you may forget what vendor gets what payment and when! Not anymore – Ring Leader will keep track of all deposits and payments you’ve made, and will notify your vendors of your fiscal responsibility.

Ring Leader also allows you to create all of your To Do lists in one spot. Plus, your vendors can assign you some tasks (like “Create your ‘Do Not Play List”), so you can easily check off items.

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Poll Your Bride Tribe

Close out that group chat (because one of your besties probably has an Android anyway) and keep your bride tribe in the loop with Ring Leader. You can send out important reminders (like “Don’t forget to pick up your dresses!”) and update them on anything wedding related. Plus, you can get honest feedback (anonymously!) by polling your bridal party about everything from dress styles to bachelorette locations and more.

Expand Your BOLI Community

Ring Leader offers a Bride Feed that allows you to connect with other brides who are also planning their weddings. Share your ideas with fellow brides, get inspiration and so much more in this judgment-free zone.

Remember, you’re not alone! BOLI is always there to reassure you that your wedding day will be the best day ever. We’ll laugh with you. We’ll cry with you. We’re there for you throughout the whole process. And now Ring Leader will completely transform your wedding planning to make it easier, stress-free and fun!

Even the “best” vendors may not be the right vendors for you. Here’s how to tell if a wedding vendor isn’t a good fit.

Be honest — you were following a few makeup artists and venues slightly before you got that ring on your finger. And hey, that’s a GOOD thing! Now that the wedding planning and preparation is underway, knowing which vendors you already like will save you some time and stress in the long run.

However, it’s important to keep an open mind before signing your name on any dotted lines. Just because you like a certain vendor’s social media content, their previous work, or their rave online reviews, that doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll be the right choice for your wedding. Here’s how to tell if a wedding vendor isn’t a good fit for you. 

They’re out of your budget

There’s no denying that Long Island weddings are expensive. VERY expensive. Even the most laid-back affair can cost you well into the thousands to pull off. While our local wedding industry is filled with the best, most talented, and most experienced wedding pros in the country, you should still be able to find vendors that can accommodate your budget — no matter how big or small it is. 

Many vendors offer custom packages to fit your specific needs and requests. But if a vendor’s services are going to cost you way more than you had planned, that may be a sign that they aren’t the right fit for you. It’s true that “you get what you pay for,” but you also don’t want to blow your entire savings account on one day. Don’t be afraid to shop around a bit before deciding it’s worth it to go for broke. 

Their ideas don’t match your vision

You’ve stalked their TikTok enough to know that you LOVE their work. But at your initial meeting, they just weren’t offering anything that matched what you’ve been dreaming up in your head. Maybe they specialize in a more”boho” style and you want sleek and modern, or maybe they know your venue well and don’t think your decor inspo will do the space any justice. Whatever the reason, if their ideas and your ideas are at a total mismatch, chances are they won’t be able to deliver exactly what you want. 

They aren’t great at communicating

You’ve emailed, texted, and even CALLED them, and they still aren’t getting back to you. And when they finally do respond, they act like you haven’t been this close to filing a missing persons report. In their defense, weddings are a big business and chances are they have a very full calendar. However, part of running a business is managing ALL of your clients effectively and respectfully — not just the ones with weddings coming up soon. If it takes weeks to get an answer out of a vendor, you may want to part ways.

(Psst — Want to avoid this problem altogether? Then it’s time to download Ring Leader).

Their pricing seems “too good to be true”

Like we said above, many vendors offer custom packages to suit your needs and budgets. If you’re having a small wedding with a 25-person guest count in your parents’ backyard, you probably won’t require a second photographer for full-day coverage. Many vendors will cut certain services or working time if you don’t need it, and that can reduce your costs.

The problem comes when a vendor offers the works for a drastically lower-than-average price. Let’s say you’ve met with a few photographers, and you find that most are charging around $5000 for a package that best fits your situation. Then, you meet with a photographer that offers the exact same package for $1000. Unless this photographer owes your family a favor, or they’re still learning how to photograph and are VERY upfront about that fact, that price seems way too good to be true. And if something seems too good to be true…well, you know the rest. 

You don’t get a good vibe when meeting with them

Never underestimate your gut feeling! Sure, we want to approach things with an open mind and not make quick judgements. But if you don’t get a great vibe when meeting them for the first time, they probably aren’t the right wedding vendor for you. They may not seem super passionate or excited about your wedding, they may not look like they enjoy what they’re doing, they may seem disinterested in your story or your ideas, or they may just rub you the wrong way — whatever it is, don’t settle for a wedding pro that doesn’t match your energy.  

You don’t feel like they’re listening to you

It seems like an almost-weekly occurrence: your DJ reaches out to talk about your playlist, and you have to remind them you already had that meeting — 3 months ago. Again, your wedding vendors are undoubtedly busy (especially during the spring, summer, and fall). However, you shouldn’t have to repeat yourself or remind them of the same things over and over. If they aren’t listening to you, they aren’t a good fit.

They pressure you to commit 

You’re obsessed with a certain florist on Instagram and you enjoyed meeting them, but they almost forced you to sign a contract at the end. And now, they’re blowing up your email with every pressure tactic in the book. It’s all giving you the “ick.”

Listen, a vendor should want to work hard to book you, but it should never reach a point where you feel uncomfortable. Good vendors value the option to shop around some, and while they may explain that their dates book fast, they should never pressure you to make rash decisions. 

Still looking for your dream vendors? Check out Ring Leader — a state-of-the-art mobile app that lets you browse vendors, check their availability, and book them on the spot. 




You’ll still get that “outdoor” feeling thanks to a glass room featuring retractable windows.

(Photo by J. Santini Photography)

As brides, we attempt to plan every detail of our dream weddings, but something that we can’t control is the weather. We can plan alternative locations for photos or ceremonies, but that can add unwanted stress into our days. At The Lannin, a BOLI preferred vendor, you don’t won’t have to worry about any backup plans because they’ll take care of it all for you.

Feels Like Being Outside

The Lannin, located in the heart of Nassau County at the Eisenhower Park Golf Course, offers a bespoke wedding experience for all of their brides. And part of that experience is making sure that your wedding goes off without a hitch – no matter the weather. “We have a glass room that overlooks and opens up to our garden,” says co-owner Elias Trahanas. “If the weather isn’t cooperating, we can close the glass windows, but you’ll still feel like you’re outdoors.”

Of course, rain isn’t the only reason to stay indoors. On a hot summer day, The Lannin staff will close those retractable windows to keep guests cool. In the winter, let your guests stay warm inside and “you’ll still be able to see the fountain and garden in the background,” says Trahanas.

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(Photo courtesy of Captured by Nic)

One at a Time

You might be worried that moving your party inside will mean sharing space with another event. That is not the case at The Lannin. “We are a one-bride-at-a-time venue,” says Trahanas. “You have flexibility on your timeline because the whole day is yours.” Even if the weather isn’t cooperating, your day will run smoothly because of The Lannin’s dedicated staff.

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(Photo by J. Santini Photography)

The Perfect Spot

The glass room is the perfect spot for your cocktail hour or ceremony. “So our brides have options on where to hold each part of their wedding day.” Whether inside or outside, you’ll have beautiful views of the property that will make your wedding magical.

(Photo courtesy of Captured by Nic)

And the best part about The Lannin is that it’s a blank canvas for brides to dream up their perfect wedding. “We have this beautiful space for brides to think big,” says Trahanas. “We have a classy, modern feel, and we look forward to our brides dreaming big so we can make those dreams become a reality.”

(Photo courtesy of Natalie Marie Photography)

Seven days until you’re a “Mrs.”? Don’t stress! Here’s what to do the week of your wedding.

Remember when you booked your venue and thought, “that date is so far away”? Time certainly flies when you’re having fun, and now that you’ve primped, planned and celebrated, the day you’ve been waiting for is (almost) here. 

It’s normal to feel a little overwhelmed as the days tick by. Have you covered every detail? Are your vendors on the same page? Are you EVER going to sleep more than a few hours without a wedding nightmare jolting you awake? Those butterflies in your stomach may feel like they’re on turbo speed, but trust us — your wedding day will be beautiful, and all of that planning will be worth it.

Now that you’re in the home stretch, you’ll want to check some very important items off of your to-do list. Take a big deep breath and get ready to conquer the next seven days! Here’s what to do the week of your wedding.

Image courtesy of Elise Margolin Photography

Talk to your bridal party

They’ve been there for you every step of the way, and right now is no exception. Your bride tribe can come in clutch during this hectic week, so don’t be afraid to recruit them if you need a helping hand. You’ll also want to make sure everyone on your team has an accurate timeline of events for the day. Instead of the group text, download Ring Leader and keep everyone in your wedding party apprised of the latest developments. 

Prep hotel bags

If a lot of your guests are traveling for your wedding, you may want to consider arranging hotel bags. This has become a more optional decision over the years, as many hotels have in-house food services and other deluxe amenities. But it never hurts to slip a few snacks, beverages, and mementos into a cute bag! Take the next few days to prep some fun-sized items for your guests. Include any pertinent last-minute information on an insert, if you’d like!

A bride looking at her veil week before the wedding

Image courtesy of L.I. Party Photos

Finalize seating charts and escort cards

Did you download Ring Leader? If so, pour yourself a glass of wine because you can skip this step completely! If not, now’s the time. The venue should have your headcount by now, so finalize the names for your seating chart and start alphabetizing your escort cards. This will make it much easier for your guests to find their names when the arrive at your reception. 

Pay your vendors and set aside tips

You won’t want to be scrambling around for payments or tip money while you’re trying to enjoy your first dance. Make sure you’ve made all of your final payments and start setting aside cash for tips. 

Break in your wedding footwear

Have you ever tried to wear a new pair of heels for a night out, only to be in agonizing pain a few hours later? Make sure you slip on your wedding shoes before you walk down the aisle — to break them in for the big day, and to confirm they’ll be comfortable enough to wear long-term.  

Image courtesy of Foxlight Studios

Confirm contingency plans with vendors

With a week left to go, you should be able to get a fairly accurate idea of what the weather will look like on your wedding day. If you’ve planned an outdoor ceremony or cocktail hour, go over any inclement weather back-up plans with your vendor team — even if the forecast calls for sunny skies. 

Wrap your gifts

If you’ve bought gifts for your bridal party, parents, or future spouse, take this week to wrap them! Pull out your paper rolls, tape, and decorative bags and set a goal to wrap a few each day. That way, you won’t be trying to wrap 20 gifts the night before your rehearsal dinner. 

Image courtesy of Studio Nicholle Photography

Prep your overnight bag

Staying overnight in a hotel before the big day? Make sure you’ve got a bag packed will all of your essentials. You’ll definitely need all the usuals — deodorant, toothpaste, face wash — but you’ll probably also need a few extras like hairspray, bobby pins, and bandaids. Don’t forget any daily medications! 

Focus on self-care

Girl, you’ve worked hard planning and preparing for a beautiful wedding day. In these last few days before “I do,” take some time to relax and take care of yourself. It’s in your best interest to stay away from any new skincare products or spa treatments, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find other ways to treat yourself. Even if it’s as simple as a walk around the block or a movie night with your bridesmaids, enjoy and revel in this week!


Give your guests something “extra” to talk about! Here are 10 fun extras for your Long Island wedding. 

(Photo courtesy of Artful Biv)

We all know that everyone is excited to celebrate you and your fiancé on your big day. But wouldn’t it be cool to have something different and unique for people to see, try or do while celebrating you? From the bachelorette party to after the wedding, Brides of Long Island has you covered with these amazing Preferred Vendors. Here are 10 fun extras for your wedding.

Artful Biv
Looking for one of a kind custom pieces of artwork at your wedding? Dana Biviano at Artful Biv is the one for you. From wooden signs, card boxes, mirrored seating charts and so much more, Dana is ready to make your custom artwork dreams come true.

(Photo courtesy of Catherine Rose Studio)

Catherine Rose Studio
What better way to capture your wedding memories than on the canvas? Cat at Catherine Rose Studio will capture the laughter and love with her brush, creating a beautiful work of art that you will treasure forever.

(Photo courtesy of Flohral Preservation)

Flohral Preservation
Transform your wedding bouquet into a work of art with Flohral Preservation. Debbie will transform your flowers into a statement piece that will bring back those wonderful wedding memories each time you look at it.

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(Photo courtesy of Camp No Counselors)

Camp No Counselors
Go back to summer camp – but add some adult activities. Think DJ, live bands, foam parties and so much more! And it’s all inclusive – including the adult beverages. This is one weekend you won’t forget with your besties.

Learn more about Camp No Counselors here.

(Photo courtesy of Don’t Toss the Bouquet)

Don’t Toss the Bouquet
Keep those memories alive by preserving your bouquet. Or create beautiful presents for your bridesmaids or parents by preserving their flowers. The possibilities are endless when it comes to Don’t Toss the Bouquet.

(Photo courtesy of Event Painting with Gina)

Event Painting with Gina
From the big things to the small things, Gina doesn’t leave anything out when she captures your wedding on her canvas. She wants her work to bring all of those wonderful memories flooding back when you look at it years later. Having been a BOLI herself, she is in tune with what brides are looking for.

(Photo courtesy of By Brittany Branson)

By Brittany Branson
Brittany would be honored and blessed to make your memorable moments into meaningful masterpieces. She had a live painter at her own wedding, so she knows just how special having one at yours would be.

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Village Cigar Headquarters
Since 2016, Village Cigar Headquarters has been dedicated to live cigar rolling at weddings around Long Island. Their wide knowledge and unparalleled quality of tobacco makes them the premier cigar rollers for your special day.

(Photo courtesy of Calling All Guests)

Calling All Guests
Out with the tired guestbook and in with the audio guestbook! With Calling All Guests, guests get to call a hotline and leave you sweet, fun and sentimental messages to mark your special day.

(Photo courtesy of Love & Leashes)

Love + Leashes
Who doesn’t want their Best Fur Friend at their wedding? Love + Leashes will be there to care for your pup, making sure they’re picture perfect and ready to be by your side. From photos to cocktail hour and through your honeymoon, Love + Leashes will be your pup’s plus one to the best day of your lives.

All of our Brides of Long Island Preferred Vendors are here for you to create the most perfect wedding day. And these fun extras are a great way to bring unique experiences that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come.

In Brides of Long Island’s Monthly “Mrs.” series, we profile some of our members’ unforgettable weddings. This month, we spoke with Ashley about how a very unique bar at their wedding impressed guests of all ages.

(Photo courtesy of Natalie Marie Photography)

Despite the stress of wedding planning, buying a house, AND doing home renovations three months before their wedding day, Ashley and Tim took it all in stride as they celebrated the best day of their lives.

Love at First (In-Person) Sight

Ashley and Tim will be the first to joke about not feeling any vibes when a mutual friend tried to set them up. A few months later however, everything changed. “My friend showed us pictures of each other, and we told her we weren’t interested,” Ashley laughs. “But once we met in person, we fell for each other.”

Three years later in 2021, Tim proposed at Ashley’s best friend’s lake house in front of their friends and family. They waited a few months, though, before they started wedding planning. “We took a few months to decide if we wanted a big or small wedding,” Ashley explains. That December, they started to look at venues – but they only made it to one, as they fell in love with The Vineyards at Aquebogue, a BOLI preferred vendor. “We booked on the spot for our March 24, 2023 wedding.”

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Booking Her Favorites

Ashley knew early on that she wanted to book Ashley Glazer for her hair. “As a bridesmaid in several weddings, I’ve always felt my hair never came out like I wanted it to,” Ashley says. “For my wedding day, I had seen Ashley’s style and I knew she’d nail it.” And she did not disappoint.

After her hair was booked, Ashley focused on photography. “I looked at five different photographers and searched the BOLI page for reviews.” Ultimately, Ashley and Tim booked with Natalie Marie Photography. “Her style was exactly what we were looking for in photos for our wedding day. And she was so fantastic that day – she worked in tandem with my wedding coordinator to make sure everything ran smoothly. I loved working with her,” Ashley says.

(Photo courtesy of Natalie Marie Photography)

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A Unique Bar

When it came to figuring out something that would “wow” their guests, Ashley and Tim were stumped. Then, they were struck with an idea: a weed bar during the reception. “We were actually the first couple at the venue to offer pre-rolled joints to our guests. And everyone loved it!” In fact, Ashley says she was surprised at how popular it was with all of her guests – not just the younger crowd. “My grandma actually put a couple in her purse on the way out.”

Aside from the fun party, Ashley and Tim enjoyed saying their vows privately on the bridal suite balcony. “It was such a great moment between the two of us, however, we didn’t realize everyone could see us from down below.” She found it funny when everyone started cheering, but wouldn’t trade that moment with Tim for anything. “We honestly forgot they were there because we were just focused on each other, which was really nice.”

(Photo courtesy of Natalie Marie Photography)

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The Perfect Service

Ashley and Tim were very impressed with how great the service was at The Vineyards. From the planning process to the wedding day itself, they were accommodating with any and all requests the couple had. “They answered all my questions, which put my mind at ease as we got closer to our wedding,” Ashley says.

After the wedding, Ashley says her videographer Wildnettle Films really went above and beyond. When they looked at the first draft of their wedding video, they realized Tim’s grandparents were missing. When Ashley reached out for edits, she says that Wildnettle Films didn’t hesitate and made the changes with no issue. “I feel bad, sometimes, asking for things, but I’m so happy I did, because we love the way it came out.”

Speaking up and doing what you want are pieces of advice Ashley wants other brides to heed. “Between our new home renovations and wedding planning, it was very stressful for me,” Ashley says. “I relied on BOLI a lot because [seeing] other brides with similar challenges really helped me.” And at the end of the day, she says it was all worth it. “As long as you focus on the two of you, everything else falls into place.”

(Photo courtesy of Natalie Marie Photography)

Venue: Vineyards at Aquebogue, a BOLI preferred vendor
Photographer: Natalie Marie Photography
Videography: Wildnettle Films
DJ: Genesis Events, a BOLI preferred vendor
Florist: Country Village Florist
Hair: Ashley Glazer
Makeup: Makeup By Mariel
Invitations: Truly Engaging
Dress: Max Bridal, a BOLI preferred vendor
Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie
Cake: Audrey’s in Sayville
Tuxedos: The Black Tux

(Photo courtesy of Natalie Marie Photography)